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IPhone application is an effective and great idea to make profits. The usage of cell phones or mobile phones is rocketed. The cell phones are not only used for talking but also for the entertainment purpose. You can make the iPhone to get lot of benefits with supreme new app ideas and Android app ideas. The app store is the perfect gratification for the users. The important ideas for the iPhones are power to personalize, harmonious gadget, true digital self and context aware.

You can make the successful applications with the help of these things. You must have an understanding about various designs of an ipad, iPhone and iPod. Get great new app ideas in your mind and have faith in them. Your application which is implemented and installed must be user friendly. You have to promote your iPhone or Android application in the current market. You must have knowledge about the iPhone application programming. It is recommended for you to do some research about the new app ideas. You need to research all the existing applications and also carry out market research.

You need to have the complete information about your app by researching about its ideas. Compare the current application and check for the things. It will turn your application with the user friendly application. You need to understand the types of creating and designs in an iPhone application. You must submit your own upcoming apps to the APPLE application store. The creative ideas that were on your mind will be on the screen. You can make a lot of turnover if they find it really interesting. Consult the person with exceptional technical knowledge in order to make the application. All the technical defects will be removed from your design.

You can even consider some of the popular Android app ideas in creating audio channels, games, content rationing, comics and other technical applications. Your new application will definitely take you to a long way and rewards. You must stay positive about the creation throughout. The idea is the most important key for every mobile application. You must research and define your target audience. You need to know about the users, functional possibilities and goals. You must choose the best operational system for your upcoming apps. Android has the greatest share in the current market. Your application must be understandable, convenient and simple.

The Android app ideas must be intuitive clear and attractive. Your program must create a massive impact on its first usage. The implementation of your social application functions will allow you to interact in real time. Get the short release cycles for your applications with the users support and regular updates. You need to update your app to offer the qualitative support. The upcoming apps help to create a successful career in the mobile application development.  Your apps must be updated with the latest features in order to fascinate the customers. It is recommended to align your creative ideas for your successful apps. Research more for the best upcoming application ideas for the public.

Functions Of a Proximity Sensor And Its Issues

A device which detects the presence of an object when it is within a stipulated range and passes a signal is known as a proximity sensor. These sensors were used in cars to avoid accidents, near to the exit and entrance doors and other places. Today these sensing devices are used in mobile phones too. These electronic devices send a signal to the circuit to perform simple actions such as opening a door, switching on a light, switching on the mobile and so forth.

Majority of these electrical circuits are designed to detect things that come in close proximity to object. However, there are devices which are designed specifically to detect particular objects only.

There are both active and passive proximity sensors which differ according to its features. The active sensors search for an object actively and send signals constantly. It then waits for the signal to reflect back. The time between sending the signal and obtaining a reflection is calculated to determine the distance of the object which is near-by. Active sensors are used on automatic doors which open when the person approaches it. The sensors on these doors send beams of infrared rays which fall on the person walking upto the door. It is then reflected back to the senor that signals the door to open.

The passive sensors function on the basis of the information derived from the environment. A signal is sent to the electrical circuit when the change occurs. Infrared light is emitted by every object but the frequency varies according to the type of object which it intercepts. A perfect example of passive sensors is the outdoor safety lights which turn on when it senses the frequency of a human body.

Most of the modern mobiles are equipped with sensors to avoid people to interact with the screen while they are on a phone call. The sensor switches off the screen when it detects an object in front of it. The sensors are activated when the screen is covered with an opaque object. The screen is activated again when the object is moved or when the sensor is no longer blocked.

iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor Issue:

The latest iPhone 4 has several issues with its super-sensitive sensors which include muted calls, hanging up in the midst of a conversation and unintentionally dialing numbers.

There are a few solutions which can be adopted to solve this issue with the new iPhone 4.

Resetting the network setting is one of the most effective solutions to the problem. All the network settings such as VPN, passwords and APN settings are automatically reset.

Resetting all the settings in the phone is another solution through which all the preferences are reset without deleting media or data.

Restarting the iPhone 4 is another solution to this issue. Slide the power off and then switch on the device again. The iPhone 4 sensor issue can be solved easily through the new iPhone software updates.

Experience The Best of iOS Ecosystem With Free iPhone Apps

Owning an Apple device is a luxurious and prestigious gesture for almost everyone around the globe. The company continues to lead the smartphone and tablet market because of the high quality products that they make. Even though, competitors are tagging behind, the sheer number of free iPhone apps and total app count on the app store is far ahead. It’s growing at a rapid pace, designed to offer excellent choices for its users.

Simplifying Your Search

Consumers will sometimes find it difficult to browse through the sea of apps available on the official store which is when third party websites become integral. They pick and sort out the best available ones in a user friendly interface. All you have to do is browse through the categories, available, know more about the particular application, see screenshots, read description and finally head to the app store to download them. The advantage of free iPhone apps is that they can be downloaded instantly for free without any mandatory credit card requirements or payments. After the new iPhone 5 was introduced with a bigger screen, users now have the advantage of being able to experience apps and games in their authenticity with better screen space. Sports titles, arcade and action games look more vivid now with excellent graphics on the 4″inch screen provided in the latest iPhone version.

Popular Categories

There’s an app for almost everything on the dedicated app store. The most popular among them include social networking, lifestyle, games, utilities, news, books, music, photos, travel and many more. Every category will list the most popular free iPhone apps so that you can pick what you love and download it instantly to your phone. There are specific educational games available for free. These titles are designed to help young children learn numbers, alphabets besides being entertained with a slew of thought provoking mini games. It looks extremely colourful, vibrant level designs and will latch the young children onto the phone for hours at stretch. But, when they are learning new stuff through apps, you hardly have a reason to say no to them!

Productive Apps

Compared to what you know, the application ecosystem on iOS platform is constantly developing. Besides, free iPhone apps it also comprises of games made specifically to suit the larger screen iPad and its 2K resolution. Productive apps are very helpful in allowing you to plan ahead with time planner, weather reports, mobile wifi hotspot generator, PDF reader, file scanner and much more. They are ideal to use in both official as well as personal environment.


When using an iPhone, you can be assured that you are going to be bombarded with entertaining apps and games. The app store offers music, video players, image editors, book readers and much more to keep users of all age groups stuck to their amazing gadget. The free iPhone apps easily comprise of book readers that are compatible to read both.epub files as well as comics. People who enjoy reading novels will find these apps extremely convenient because they can just download any free or paid title from the store to start reading it instantly. Similarly, comic fans will find the interactive comic app readers useful to experience their most favourite superheroes come to life. Constant updates and patches are released to make sure the apps work as intended besides adding new features to it for enhanced performance.

Stay Updated

The dedicated website provides you all the information you need related to free iPhone apps and latest arrivals in the app store. Everything about new games and apps will reach your social networking address or e-mail address in no time. All you have to do is visit the website to know more about the application and download it immediately to your device. The free apps and free games offered by the app store allow users to enjoy them without paying. Besides, even the most popular titles will be offered for free with limited time period. You will be notified about all updates, latest news and app release. Know more about free iPhone apps and enjoy owning an iPhone in all its glory.

Top apps and custom picks is a section dedicated to helping users identify the best free iPhone apps in the market. You can get the right apps with the convenience of your home and never miss another great title in the huge app store assisted by the professional app site.

Man arrested for buying stolen iPhone online.

detained de·tain  

tr.v. de·tained, de·tain·ing, de·tains

1. To keep from proceeding; delay or retard.

2. To keep in custody or temporary confinement:  him over the weekend. It turned out that the iPhone was stolen.

The phone was put up for sale on an online classifieds site around May. The man bought it for Dh800 from a colleague who had snapped it up from the website for Dh1,200. No receipt or warranty was given.

Abu Dhabi police traced the executive in Dubai last week. He was detained for two nights before being released on bail on Sunday.

It was not immediately clear what version of iPhone it was. An iPhone 4s 16GB with warranty is advertised for Dh1,550 ($413), an iPhone 5, 16GB retails for Dh2,599 ($693).

An electronics industry executive said residents should be wary of buying second-hand handsets.

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Apple's New iPhone — How My Love Affair for New Technology Became Obsolete

With Apple’s announcement that a new iPhone will be released on September 10, the tech world is all abuzz with speculation about how the new phone will compare with Samsung’s new release, as well as Google’s Android phones.


As a consumer, I just want a phone that works.

A few year’s back, I very enthusiastically joined the rest of the technology herd by purchasing an iPhone 3GS that came complete with a two-year service contract with AT&T. I loved the concept of being able to access email and the internet from my phone and apps that would let me do everything from banking to watching Netflix or Major League baseball, or even to develop a Scrabble addiction.

Heck, I even got over the creepy “Big Brother is watching and knows exactly where I am at every moment” paranoia of utilizing GPS.

But quickly I found out that the race for market share between the major smartphone players meant obsolescence came faster than an LED flash.

One by one, the apps were updated and no longer designed for my now antiquated device. Baseball was the first to go. Then my Scrabble. Then several newspapers. Most recently, one of my banking apps.

Of course, I am constantly reminded by AT&T that I am eligible to upgrade my phone, and all I have to do is sign up for a new two-year contract for the same over-priced, sporadic coverage.

Here we are, in 2013, and my phone drops calls faster than you can say “over-hyped” or “swindled.”

The early rumors on C-Net and other sources seem to indicate that the biggest change will be an upgraded LED flash. Hardly earth shattering. My guess is that the new phone will still have the revamped adapter that folks have found more annoying in its incompatibility with other Apple products.

What I am most reluctant about at this point in time is getting locked in to a new two-year contract, whether that again be with AT&T (I just don’t see that happening…) or Verizon or whoever else might be out there. If I’m going to be locked into paying for a smartphone for the next two years, I expect that it will actually be for service that will be reliable.

No more dropped calls in the middle of Silicon Valley, please! (Or in San Francisco, Los Angeles, or anywhere else, for that matter.)

I’m actually feeling nostalgic for the good ol’ days — those heady days of the early 21st century when my rock-solid Nokia phone worked everywhere and anywhere, no matter how many times I dropped it.

Oh, for those ancient days of beepers, calling cards and pay phones.

Sighhh…. anyone remember when those pay phones had dials?

Why Tablets Are Preferred More by Business's Sales Force

In the past era, any trade meeting would include a smile, few handshakes, files, a desk and a bulky looking phone. The present era trade meeting needs just a smart device and what could be better, if that smart device is a tablet. According to a research, 40 percent sales work force of the US use tablets of various brands and they have made them an indispensable part of any sales person’s sales kit. Tablets are playing a very crucial role in enhancing the professional look of a sales person and making them appear more professional and geared to take over the world. A tablet can help sales representatives in transforming sales in many other ways. Below are few of them.

1. Portability and ease of use – This reason looks obvious, as tablets can work almost like a laptop. The only difference is neither they are as fragile as laptops nor, they require special care. As compared to a traditional laptop, tablets are faster, spontaneous, portable and easy-to-use. The most noteworthy feature is that you can carry loads of data and information right in your pocket and access it anytime, anywhere. All, a tablet needs is a right set of apps, an Internet connection and a charging point, when low battery sign flashes. Once these requirements are met, they can leave desktops, laptops, binders, bulky files and mental harassment behind.

2. Access data in real-time – Having access to real-time facts about the client you are approaching is crucial and it increases your chances of winning the project. A tablet can become a source of truth, if it is connected to your CRM system. It will help you access facts to support what you are going to propose at the meeting. By using essential apps, you can immediately change the status of the deal leaving aside the lost leads, scribbled notes and lack of follow-up.

3. Include visuals to support your clauses – Only after the arrival of tablets, it was found that white papers and confusing price sheets were not sufficient to divert the attention of your potential client. It creates an altogether different scenario and becomes a better conversation starter, if a sales representative has a tablet full of colourful media, animated demos, video, slideshows, and quotes. All these visual tools play a major role in engaging a customer and making him accept the deal.

4. Prepare customized sales presentation and quotes anywhere – Through a tablet, sales representative can use pre-installed presentations for use. If required, they can quickly alter or enhance any presentation to match the requirements of a particular client. A remarkable point here is that he can do all this while travelling in a bus or a tube train.

5. Coordination and collaboration – Use of tablets bring another very significant benefit in the form of enhanced coordination among the sales group. In this competitive era, entire sales force has to stay constantly connected and tablets allow this very easily. They can share vital information in a spontaneous manner and convey real-time data to sales manager as soon as the deal is finalized.

6. Increase in productivity – In earlier times, what used to be called black holes between two sales appointments are now used for real-time updates from the roads. The time between two sales appointments can be used to furnish sales presentation details in Sales Cloud CRM. You can also use this time to check the LinkedIn profile and study about the next client’s experiences and mutual connections. In one-liner, less downtime and more insight lead to smart selling.

However, to bring these points into effect, it is important that the sales team have good quality tablets and apps that are precisely made for this purpose. No technological advancement can replace sales person’s selling attributes but, by adding tablets and enterprise apps, you can shorten the sales cycle and finalize deals faster than before.

Lack of Apple Releases Obvious as Online Trade-In Market Share Drops, According to Data from

Christchurch, Bournemouth (PRWEB UK) 15 August 2013

•    Apple’s online trade-in market share down by 14 percent compared to July

  •     Tablet trade-ins decrease
  •     LG continues to lose the most value for the second month in a row

The latest data from leading mobile phone recycling comparison site shows that Apple’s trade-in market share has dropped by 14 percent since July, leaving it with just 24.1 percent.

Apple trade-ins have dropped for the last three months consecutively according to site data. Experts think this could be due to its lack of releases so far in 2013, as people could be waiting for the big reveal of the much anticipated iPhone 5S or budget iPhone before trading in their old devices.

Co-founder of, Ashley Turner, says: “With Apple iPhone releases being so few we usually see a decline in the amount of Apple devices being traded in several months after the release of the latest handset. This year, the decline has been more significant, especially with us seeing so many iPhone 5 trade-ins and valuations going through the site.”

The site also saw Samsung become the second most traded-in brand on the site, making up 19.8 percent of all trade-ins, to push BlackBerry into third with 18.1 percent. Samsung’s new found dominance of the gadget trade-in market could well be to do with the release of the huge Galaxy range this year.

However, Apple’s iPhone 4 still remains to be the top traded in device on CompareMyMobile, with Samsung’s Galaxy S2 and S3 holding around five percent and four percent respectively to come in second and third. The site says it comes as no surprise that the S2 and S3 are the top Android devices being traded in, as loyal customers upgrade to the flagship Samsung Galaxy S4.

There have also been changes in the tablet trade in market this month. Trade-ins decreased leaving tablets to hold just 7.3 percent of the gadget trade-in market share, failing to eat into the dominating mobile phones category. Tablet shipments also slowed this month, but experts predict that the release of a new iPad, expected later this year, could spark more shipments and potentially more trade-ins.

Games console trade-ins have also continued to decrease since the boom following the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 announcements.

Site data shows that LG have stayed in the top spot in the list of brands losing value for the second month in a row – perhaps as the recyclers anticipate mass trade-ins surrounding the LG G2 official announcements this month. Motorola remain in second – due to no release of the Moto X in the UK, the brand has been fairly unaffected by its reveal.

LG don’t hold the top spot for devices losing value most quickly though, due to the Sony Xperia J suffering a 14 percent decrease in the last 30 days.

CompareMyMobile sees huge changes in trade-in statistics reflecting how consumers shop for the latest technology month on month. It predicts that the average value of an LG device will change on release of the G2, while also expecting Apple trade-ins to boom following the reveal of the iPhone 5S. Only time will tell how the consumers react.

About CompareMyMobile

Founded in 2009, is the UK’s #1 source for independent mobile phone, tablet, sat nav, laptop, iPad, iPod and games console recycling price comparison. It delivers customers confidence in making the difficult decision of where to recycle their old phone safely and for the most money. is 100 percent impartial, comparing prices from more than 40 recycling stores.

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New Casings for the Apple iPhone 5: Ptacse-900091 and Dreamline

Apple Inc.’s iPhone 5 is a durable smartphone, but most users still want to protect their gadgets from damages. Consumers can choose from different types of iPhone casings: silicone, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), leather, aluminum, and hard plastic. Some retailers also sell waterproof casings. Users choose their casings based on their personal preferences. Those who want to protect their mobile devices from impact could benefit from aluminum cases and hard plastic accessories, while consumers who wish to make their iPhone more stylish tend to buy leather or silicone cases.  In this review, we will focus on two affordable mobile accessories: Dreamline and Ptacse-900091.

Silicone casings are known for their flexibility and ease of use. iPhone users who purchase these types of cases will notice that it is very easy to install silicone accessories. Ptacse-900091, which was designed to perfectly fit the iPhone 5, protects the gadget from nicks, scratches, and dirt. Cutouts and other openings also allow easy access to ports and buttons. The mobile accessory is very light, but secures the phone really well. Just like other mobile accessories, this casing features a back camera hole. This opening makes it easier to take photographs without having to remove the case. We also discovered that the casing does not affect mobile phone signal. The casing provides a Nintendo Game Boy look for the phone, and it features a soft, luxurious touch. The case’s semi-rigid texture can be attributed to the use of a durable silicone. Ptacse-900091, which sells for just $9.99, is available in four attractive colors: black, blue, red, and white.

Dreamline, on the other hand, is a leather casing that may also be used as a wallet for different types of cards. The interior is made of smooth black leather, and users will notice that the stitches are even, tight, and straight. The mobile accessory is light for its size, and it does not add too much bulk to the mobile device. Dreamline’s magnets also allow the case to be kept closed over the device’s screen. Installing this mobile accessory is very simple; users need to put the smartphone near the spine, and the iPhone’s edges have to be aligned with the case. Dreamline’s padding is very useful against scratches and minor impact. One good thing about this product is its smooth surface that makes it easier to slide the gadget inside a bag. However, the case’s edges also provide a good grip while using the smartphone. Its cutouts also provide accesss to the camera, power button, speaker, and microphone. The casing, which is priced at $15.00, is sold in five elegant colors: black, red, brown, orange, and white.

Users are advised to select cases that provide a balance between features and price because some cheap accessories can actually inflict more damage to the iPhone 5. Consumers should also make sure that they purchase their casings from reputable sellers. Ptacse-900091 and Dreamline are inexpensive cases that will surely satisfy the needs of iPhone 5 users.

For more information on cell phone cases, visit


The New IPod Touch 4G

At the beginning of September 2010, Apple unveiled their newest iPod Touch. New features included in this fourth-generation iPod Touch are Retina Display, a front facing camera, a rear HD camera, 3-axis Gyro, and an A4 processor.

The retinal display in the iPod Touch 4G is a high-end LCD screen that has four times as many pixels as the display on the previous iPod Touch. The chemically treated glass is more scratch resistant than ever, being 20 times stiffer than plastic and 30 times harder.

The front facing camera allows users connected to a WiFi network to use Apple’s video chat service, FaceTime. It is the same as the front camera in the iPhone 4 offering 640×480 resolution.

The rear HD camera in the iPod 4G is not the same 5-megapixel camera that the iPhone 4 has. The camera in the new iPod is a 0.7 megapixels with a still photo resolution of 960×720. With that resolution, it is only able to take 4:3 photos, not widescreen 16:9. This is not a camera for use as your primary means of taking pictures. It is mainly there to use for uploading photos to social networking sites.

The new iPod Touch 4G can run the iMovie application. Users can shoot video using the rear-facing HD camera and then edit it right on the iPod. The output for videos is 720p at 1280×720 resolutions.

The iPod 4G has a 3-axis gyroscope. When combined with the accelerometer already in the iPod, it yields 6-axis motion sensing. This motion sensitivity makes the iPod 4G a virtual gaming machine with more motion gestures and greater precision that rivals the PS3 controller. The device will be able to detect up/down, side to side, forward/backward, and pitch/roll movement.

The A4 processor in the iPod Touch 4G allows the device to easily do complex jobs in a power-efficient way, thereby maximizing the battery life. These complex tasks include multitasking, editing video, and using FaceTime to make calls.

Prices for the new iPod Touch started at $229 for the 8GB, $299 for the 32GB, and $399 for the 64GB model.