Free iPhone apps worth getting today, controversial jogger arrest

Free iPhone apps compatible with iPad, and iPod Touch worth downloading today start with a new update to the free iPhone app “Soundhound”, as controversy surrounds the arrest of a jogger wearing earbuds, according to a Feb. 22 report in CNET.

“Soundhound” is an awesome free music discovery app that also identifies music. But whether you use “Soundhound” or the competing free app “Shazeem” on your iPhone to discover a song’s title, it’s always a pain to find a way to listen to the track. Well, this free update to “Soundhound” takes care of this problem. How? The update provides a button that connects “Soundhound” to “Spotify”, the free music streaming service. Just tap this button in “Soundhound” and you can listen to your newly discovered song for free, on “Spotify”. You can even create a playlist directly from your “Soundhound” identified music to play on “Spotify”. This “Soundhound” update is exclusive to the App Store, so Android users will have to wait for it to appear in Google Play.

Lots of iPhone users employ earbuds to listen to music or audiobooks while they are walking or jogging—and some of them might jaywalk from time to time. Ahem. Well, police in Austin, Texas arrested a jogger for jaywalking after she didn’t respond to them. The jogger claims she couldn’t hear what the officers were saying because she was wearing earbuds. Some think the arrest very aggressive. You can judge for yourself in the video captured by a customer in the Starbusks across the street.

This reporter has some friends who have gone on to be successful musicians, after working long and hard. They could have saved themselves some time though by using “Talenty – Become Famous”, a free iPhone app that showcases your talent in a social network composed of other talented users and managers in creative industries. Your talent can be in anything—not just music. This app is available in the iPhone section of the App Store.

In another realm, the free iPhone app “Edge of Twilight – Athyr Above” (Reg. $1.99) is trending very hot today in an app deal that cuts the price to free. In this third-person action game, you help a bounty hunter stop a civilization’s genocide. In an app with stunning graphics you’ll journey between worlds, solve puzzles and fight battles.

“Soundhound” is rated 9+ for profanity, crude humor and mature themes. This free app requires iOS 6.1+, is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and is optimized for iPhone 5.

“Spotify” is rated 12+ for mature themes, sexual content, profanity, crude humor and references to alcohol, drug and tobacco abuse. This free app requires iOS 6.0+, is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and is optimized for iPhone 5.

“Talenty – Become Famous” is rated 9+ for fantasy violence and crude humor, requires iOS 6.0+, is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and is optimized for iPhone 5.

“Edge of Twilight – Athyr Above” is rated 9+ for violence and requires iOS 5.0+, is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and is optimized for iPhone 5.

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5 Types of Mobile Phone Applications

Mobile phone applications range from personal schedules to games. A mobile app is either a simple or complex piece of software designed to increase the function of the mobile device. Mobiles come pre-installed with a range of apps which often cover the most basic functions, while the entertainment and utility apps are often downloaded by the individual user via the online app stores. Here are several popular types of phone applications:

Social Networking

All of the major social networking sites, like Twitter and Facebook, come pre-installed on the latest smart phones. By having access to the favorite social media website, it is simple to stay up to date with friends when on-the-go. These apps make it very easy to upload photographs or similar content at any time without being restricted to using the PC at home.


One area seeing a high volume of downloads includes the games. All types of game genres appear on the mobile devices, which range from the classic strategy titles, puzzle games, and first-person shooter games. However, the most popular games played on the mobile phones are quite simple in nature because of the small-sized screen and control options.


Music-based apps are wide-ranging on the mobile phone. Radio applications offer the opportunity to transform the phone into a radio receiver by letting users listen to internet radio stations. Many of the major internet radio services have launched a mobile version of this application to encourage the on-the-go listeners to tune in to their radio programs. Other radio apps include those intended to listen to terrestrial radio stations, while it is also possible to download music apps to enable tracks to be streamed to the mobile device.


A further popular style of phone app includes those classed as organization-based. The intention of these applications is to help handle appointments and meetings via diary programs, notes for shopping lists or memos, and word processor apps. More advanced apps include those designed to check private data, such as those related to bank or credit card transactions.


A lifestyle app may relate to recipes to help provide cooking inspiration to coupon apps, which help to find the most attractive vouchers and offers for a range of products and services. Some of these apps are very helpful, such as those intended to help find the cheapest gas prices in the local area to those able to help with directing you to the closest public toilet facilities.

‘Spreadsheets’ iOS app: Report shows which states are quickest on the ‘sex draw’

On Wednesday, issued a report on the state of “state sex.” What exactly does that mean? The site took data from early adopters of the iOS app Spreadsheets – Data. In Bed and determined which states had the “earliest finishers.”

The Spreadsheets app uses your iPhone’s accelerometer and microphone to keep track of how long sex lasts. The app does not track foreplay, though, so it would seem these stats are intercourse only.

According to the report, the 10,000 early adopters averaged between 1:21 (Alaska) and 7:01 (New Mexico).

The app describes itself as follows, in the App Store:

Geared toward, ages 17+ that own a smart phone/pad and are sexually active – or frequently enjoy vigorously jumping on the bed – Spreadsheets is for anyone looking to maintain a track record, add a little fun into their intimacy, receive honest feedback 😉 or even make a baby.

Track -> Smile -> Learn -> Grow -> @letspreadsheets 🙂

Spreadsheets is a mobile application created to provide statistical feedback of a couples’ performance based on movement (accelerometer) and audio (microphone) data.

The Spreadsheets concept is intended to be fun and lighthearted yet entirely useful, challenging and improvement oriented.

There are even achievements in the app. For example, the Olympian achievement is for someone who logs a session five days in a row.

The app is compatible with iPads as well as iPod touches and iPhones, but we wonder how anyone could use an iPad in this manner.

The following is the full list. Sadly, the app appears to be iOS-only. We’d love to see a breakdown between iOS users and Android users. Politically, it would also be nice to see a red state / blue state breakdown.

1. New Mexico – (7:01)2. West Virginia – (5:38)3. Idaho – (5:11)4. South Carolina – (4:48)5. Missouri – (4:22)6. Michigan -(4:14)7. Utah – (3:55)8. Oregon – (3:51)9. Nebraska – (3:47)10. Alabama – (3:38)11. Delaware – (3:33)12. Hawaii – (3:28)13. Wisconsin – (3:22)14. North Dakota – (3:18)15. Arizona – (3:17)16. Maryland – (3:15)17. Mississippi – (3:10)18. Rhode Island – (3:09)19. Connecticut – (3:07)20. Texas – (3:06)21. New Hampshire – (3:04)22. Wyoming – (3:03)23. New York – (3:01)24. Pennsylvania – (2:58)25. Maine – (2:58)26. Washington – (2:51)27. Iowa – (2:50)28. Illinois – (2:49)29. North Carolina – (2:47)30. Tennessee – (2:46)31. Kansas – (2:38)32. California – (2:38)33. Massachusetts – (2:31)34. Florida – (2:29)35. New Jersey – (2:28)36. Indiana – (2:26)37. Virginia – (2:23)38. Oklahoma – (2:21)39. Colorado – (2:21)40. Minnesota – (2:19)41. Ohio – (2:18)42. Louisiana – (2:17)43. Kentucky – (2:14)44. Arkansas – (2:08)45. District of Columbia – (2:08)46. Nevada – (2:07)47. Georgia – (2:07)48. Montana – (2:03)49. Vermont – (1:48)50. South Dakota – (1:30)51. Alaska – (1:21)

A video review of the app is embedded. It is SFW (lol).

Different designs of iphone 4s cases to choose from Orangebear

When the name Apple is mentioned, the next thing to come to mind is the iPhone and in particular the iPhone 4s phone model. The unique features of the iPhone 4s have made the phone one of the most coveted gadgets. I therefore assume it is correct to say that the iPhone 4 and 4s is so far the best ever invented phone. Despite the huge success brought by the invention of iPhone 4, Apple has continued to release many other gadgets. To ensure the best care of the iPhone 4 or 4s a case for the phone is recommended.

Companies that are centered in making cases for these devices have been forced to keep up. Having obtained an iPhone 4, you will definitely want a suitable case for this phone. Below we have a look at various iPhone 4s case options available in the market today.

The market today offers iPhone 4 cases made from different materials. The most common one are those that are made from leather and rubber. Other materials include metallic and plastic cases designed to hold your iPhone 4. Leather cases are preferred to the other three when safety is brought to question. The only short coming with leather cases is that they are prone to attracting dust which is quite difficult to remove. Fashionable iPhone 4 cases are made from rubber and can be gotten in different designs and colors.

There are some designs in the market that you will definitely love and you will want to buy them. Before you make that move, let us help you get the best iPhone 4 case for your pricy device.

iBottle – Opener Case: This is a unique design that will rock you to your toes. Picture opening a bottle of soda or beer with an iPhone 4 case! Sounds like an app, Right?! Unfortunately it is not an app but even better. You can forget the hustle of opening the bottle and saving yourself a luggage by purchasing this unique iPhone 4case.

Carry Pouch Case: Another iPhone 4 case of its own kind. No other compares to the uniqueness of this case. It is designed to cover the most part of the phone. You are guaranteed of style and class when you purchase a Carry Pouch case.

Booty Call case and Holder: This can be used as a case and a holder as well. If you are a fan loving guy, then the design of this iPhone 4case will serve you. Its humorous shape and stylish display is yours for the take when you purchase this case.

CrystalRock Swarovski Case: Glittering and dazzling are the words to explain this case. I would recommend this case to people who love being glamorous. This case offers spectacular display on your phone and you are going to get the better out of it.

Ruggedized Case: This is a complete safe house for your iPhone 4 device. You do not have to be paranoid about dropping your phone anymore. The Ruggedized case comes with inbuilt shock absorbers that will guarantee its safety in case it falls. It also helps in keeping dust away and restricts contact between the glass panel and debris. This is definitely the case for your pricy device.

Electrical Outlet Case: This case is effective performing to the best main purpose of protecting your device. Furthermore, it creates an eye catching site. Those who see it will love it and thus matching the class of your iPhone 4 device.

Neutral Bamboo Wooden Case: This is perhaps the most uniquely designed iPhone 4 case. This case got crafty hands all over it giving it a magnificent appearance. This case is eco-friendly as it is made from natural materials.

We are now confident that you will be able to choose a better design for your iPhone 4 case after you have read this article. These designs have been also adjusted to fit other apple inventions like the iPhone 5, iPods, i-pads and other apple products.

What Accessories Are Available for the iPhone 5?

With the iPhone 5 officially announced, it will start arriving through our letterboxes on 21st September. The wait is finally over! This iconic smartphone will sell incredibly well as all iPhones do. This leaves one lingering question on every new owners’ lips: what accessories are available for the iPhone 5?

Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

Probably the most significant advancement or change in the iPhone 5 is the new “Lightning” connector. This completely new charging and connectivity port has created a problem for anyone with an existing dock or other accessory because this is completely different to any other iPhone. Fortunately, a “Lightning to 30-pin adapter” is available for sale to ensure all of your old accessories work for your brand new iPhone 5.

Screen Protectors

Another big feature of the iPhone 5 is the gorgeous extended 4″ screen. Bigger than previous iPhones and also a better performer, you will obviously want to protect your screen the best you possibly can. There are a number of screen protectors available for the iPhone 5 including simple clear screen guards, privacy screen guards and ones with a mirrored effect.

iPhone 5 Cases

The most popular accessory for any smartphone is a case. There are cases for a number of purposes including heavy duty protection, all the way through to fashion specific cases. If you want to truly personalise the look of your phone, there are plenty of cases to choose from! For example, Otterbox in particular have a number of heavy duty cases to protect against the most brutal of knocks, drops and bumps. On the other hand, a number of other case manufacturers sell ultra-slim cases with enticing designs. These are great for showing off to your friends and making your iPhone 5 stand out from the crowd.

Speaker Docks

Speaker docks were incredibly popular with previous iterations of the iPhone. With the introduction of the new dock connector port on the iPhone 5, many consumers will be encouraged to also update their dock. Most top audio manufacturers will have iPhone 5 docks available within a month or so after the iPhone 5 release.

Bluetooth Car Kits and Headsets

Bluetooth car kits and headsets are a great accessory to have if you drive, or are taking part in an activity with which you need use of both hands. Luckily, if you already have a Bluetooth headset or car kit that works with an iPhone, it will still work on the iPhone 5. This is great news to those who are simply upgrading their iPhone. However, you can be sure that headsets will be released in the coming months to compliment the more slender look of the new iPhone to tempt you to update your current Bluetooth device.

As you can see, there will be a huge variety of accessories available for the iPhone 5 upon launch, and an ever increasing number of accessories throughout the lifespan of the device. With accessory manufacturers always innovating and coming up with new ideas, you can be sure there will always be something new to tempt you. Remember to protect your iPhone 5 well, accessorize, and get the most out of your smartphone!

Houlihans: Bring back Flappy Bird – free apps for all!

Houlihan’s, an American restaurant and bar with 82 locations nationwide, announced today they will give away a free Jumbo Stuffed ‘Shroom appetizer to all Americans on March 24 if game developer Dong Nguyen returns the Flappy Bird app to the iOS and Android app stores by March 10.

On Monday, Nguyen stated in an exclusive interview with Forbes that he chose to take down the Flappy Bird app because “…it happened to become an addictive product.” Upon hearing this statement, the Houlihan’s brand both sympathized with the plight of the game developer and understood they had an important role to play in helping bring the game back to its rightful place on app stores.

“We understand the responsibility that comes with offering addictive apps, at Houlihan’s we offer lots of them,” said Jen Gulvik, senior VP marketing and creative director, Houlihan’s Restaurants, Inc. “We want Mr. Nguyen to know he’s not alone. The folks at Houlihan’s are behind you all the way and ready to celebrate your brave decision to bring back Flappy Bird by offering free Houlihan’s apps at our restaurants. With your game and our delicious food, together we can make America a happier place.”

Fans of world’s once most popular free app can plead for the return of Flappy Bird by signing a petition available at

Your Wallet Is Lost! Find It Out By This Newly Developed App

Think about, we forget our wallet in office, restaurant, car or elsewhere it gets lost while walking in public, market. Don’t worry, now you have got option for this in your smartphone. Yes, a newly developed app recently is able to find your lost wallet through a chip linked with that application.

SmartWallit Pro an app comes along with a Bluetooth device which is to be inserted into your wallet. Then all you need to do is to execute that application in your smartphone and you will receive all the data about your wallet.

Data such as how much amount you have spent daily, weekly will be tracked, along with the place and time where your wallet was used last time.

This Bluetooth device is slim of about 4.2 mm and rectangular shape which looks like your credit card and is designed in such a way to fit into your wallet. It also comes with different colours such as black, blue, green, red, and pink to match with your wallet colour. This device sends an alert when your wallet goes at a distance of 9m and above away from you via loud noise ringing on your mobile phones, also you get alert message of where last your wallet was used.

This device works on iPod touch, Android devices, and iPhone devices

Some of the functions of SmartWallit apps are

Record your usage, place, time when you purchase anything with Wallet usage record function.

It will allow you to remind from time to time by I’m here function.

If you forget wallet your apps remind you and if you forget mobile your Bluetooth device reminds you by beep by two way anti lost reminder.

You can find your wallet by Find me function.

If your wallet starts to ring you can make it silent by tapping it twice through silence setting function and if you are at home where you are leaving your wallet you can switch to No disturb mode setting.

No wonder how the apps are innovated and developed through latest technology and knowledge implicated within, it has not remain that tough to develop an apps or programs on internet. You can yourself develop your own apps and website which can run on Android, iPhone and also other platform.

You can get developed yourself in such an programming through online training and coaching conducted by Eduonix learning solutions, a leader in providing training online through their e-courses

Yes, you can not only learn but also develop android apps through their course some of which are mentioned below

Android programming from ground up – which will help you to learn android technology from basics to make you understand better this technology

Android programming guide for beginners – here you will learn to develop different types of apps starting from the very basic hello world app, through programming via videos, tutorials.

iOS – You can learn and have a deep knowledge about iOS encoding with video clip sequence and e-tutorials to master in net. Taking into consideration the necessity of the developers you will get programs that can easily address full code construction to master this specific interesting and new technology rising inside industry.

In addition to it you can also learn web designing by HTML5, ROR, WordPress tutorials. For more information about development of apps visit eduonix learning solutions

How old brands can use social media to reach the cool kids

Op-ed by Carol Han, partner at CA Creative

4 essential old brand, cool brand must-dos

The emergence of social media as an effective branding and sales tool is a relatively new one in comparison to mainstays in traditional advertising such as print ads and billboards. Because of this, along with the constantly changing landscape of digital, older brands that have been deeply entrenched in conventional marketing plans for years and sometimes decades, often have difficulty wrapping their heads around how to begin crafting a powerful online strategy.

Here’s four valuable steps, paired with Technorati tool and how-to articles, that will easy your dive into digital.

1. Develop a social media platform strategy

Just because a new social media platform pops up in the news, doesn’t mean a brand immediately needs to jump on the bandwagon. Instead, brands should identify, and focus on only the platforms popular with your target audience. For example, Pinterest has a predominantly female user base, and therefore, if a brand is trying to attract a male consumer, then a different platform should probably be prioritized.

Technorati product review: Rallyverse social media management

Carefully research each social media platform, so you can answer the "why," as to why your brand needs it. Then lay out a game plan as to how you are going to proceed with populating each with content, including frequency of posts, content topics, and how you will handle community management (i.e., customer service questions, and complaints). Figure out how much of your budget is going towards paid media if that’s available. The isolate a budget specifically for influencer campaigns. Considerations for whether to hire an agency or an in-house resource, depending on the breadth of your strategy.

2. Create captivating content with high share value

With so much competition out there, it’s important for brands to create attention-grabbing content. Focus on high-share value content. You want your brand out there, exposing you to wider audiences. Users tend to share content that is less promotional, and more personal and visceral. Brands need to look for content inspiration beyond the products.

Photo-based social media is exploding. Users are more likely to engage with posts that showcase striking imagery. As an example, Twitter recently incorporated images into users’ timelines, and tweets with images get 18% more clicks.

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5 free iPhone apps for iPad, iPod Touch you’ll want to get today

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. ~ Proverbs 9:10 (Free iPhone Wallpaper)

Free iPhone apps for iPad, and iPod Touch start with the awesome free iPhone app, “GRE Vocab Genius” (Reg. $9.99) for students and the super-cool free app for kids “Little Fox Music Box” (Reg. $2.99). Talking about music, the free music app “Spotify” now offers the free service “Forgotify”, a new discovery engine that helps you discover millions of unplayed songs that no one has heard before, according to a Jan. 30 report in TechCrunch.

“GRE Vocab Genius” is a fast way for students to quickly learn new vocabulary words, which they can use to crush the verbal section of the GRE or other standardized tests. But this app is also a good review for adults who want to increase their vocabulary. Learning 2,000 words and their roots was never faster that with this app’s learning system. You can download this app for free at the App Store.

The free app “Little Fox Music Box” is an interactive songbook with more than 100 interactive elements and amazing animations from Heidi Wittlinger, a author of books for children. Children can, for example, listen to the song “Old McDonald” while changing seasons on his farm.

“Spotify”, which is a free music app like “Pandora”, “Beats Music” and “iTunes Radio” (among others), now offers “Forgotify”, a way to listen for free to the four million songs in its catalog that have never been streamed. By this very definition, once one of these unplayed songs is played, the track will be removed and not played again, which makes listening to “Forgotify” oddly poignant: you are listening to songs that were never heard before and will never be heard again. Just click “Forgotify” and sign in to “Spotify” to take a listen.

Super-hot in downloads is the awesome “Car Club: Tuning Storm” (Reg. $1.99) that’s free today. Is this stunning 3D app, you customize cars with hundreds of replaceable parts to create your speed dream car and then you test it to the limit by drag racing.

Breaking out in popularity today is the free iPhone app, “Escape from Paradise” (Reg. 99 cents). In this strange adventure game with stunning graphics you help Devi escape from heaven and take up his true path. There are 150 exciting levels across five themed worlds and you can change Devi’s skin which gives you different game abilities.

Climbing the charts is the addictive free app, “Unroll Me – Unblock the slots”, a digital anodyne (this reporter’s been playing around with the “GRE” app mentioned above) where you move slots to create a path for a white ball to roll to its red destination.

“GRE Vocab Genius” requires iOS 7, is optimized for iPhone 5 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

“Little Fox Music Box” requires iOS 5.0+, is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and is optimized for iPhone 5.

“Car Club: Tuning Storm” supports Game Center and requires iOS 4.3+, is optimized for iPhone 5 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

“Escape from Paradise” supports Game Center and requires iOS 5.0+, is optimized for iPhone 5 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

“Unroll Me – Unblock the slots” requires iOS 4.3+ and is optimized for iPhone 5. This free iPhone app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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Check these out: At Bat 2009 for iPhone

Last year At Bat showed us what was possible for a sports application if it had the backing of a league license. With a new baseball season comes a sequel to that same application. Does it hold up as a solid baseball application or has it taken a swing and a miss?


When I first downloaded At Bat last year, I was skeptical as to whether or not Major League Baseball would actually do something productive with it. Too often I have seen a product receive a distinct license, only to put out a lack luster item. At Bat 2009 definitely comes through again this year as they have taken what was so great about last year’s application and improved on it with some new features.

Let’s begin with what made At Bat such a hit last years as it carries over to this year. When you first open the application, you will notice a familiar interface as not much has changed in terms of looks. Then you will immediately see what games are scheduled for that day. You can tap the over arrows to see previous days or days ahead.

With each game you can view the starting pitchers, the location of the game and records. A cool new thing added though, is what network will be broadcasting for each team. For example, the St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates play each other; it will tell me that the Cardinals are playing on Fox Sports Midwest-HD on television and KTRS 550 on the radio. This is a very nice feature if you’re quickly trying to find your game to watch. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent surfing channels trying to find out if a game is on a local channel, ESPN or so on, so this little stat helps for sure.

The most impressive addition to At Bat 2009 is by far the addition of game audio. You have the ability to listen to every single baseball game’s broadcast, through whichever team’s broadcasting team you like. This is incredible feature for those who are on the run and want to catch a game. The fact that it was put in the application this year makes this an even more solid product.

Another feature that carried over from last year is the videos. You now can view up to date highlights of big plays during each game. The quality of the videos is based on what kind of connection you have. If you are streaming through a Wi-Fi connection then the video quality will be at it’s best, while 3G is a little choppy. It would’ve been nice to see them go even further with this feature, obviously they cannot show video of every game live, but having more than just highlights would have been cool.

When it comes to actually following what is going on in the game, At Bat 2009 continues to stride, by not changing what worked from last year. For each game you have game day updates, field updates, the box score, summary and of course video updates. Game day gives you basically pitch by pitch updates. It will tell you who is batting, who is pitching, what the pitch count is and where each pitch goes as it happens. Field view will show you the defensive setup of who is playing where. It keeps pace pretty well with the live game as well, maybe 30 seconds or so off, if even that. It does a good job of following each play and letting you know exactly what it happening. At Bat 2009 is another homerun for baseball fans who want to keep up to date with scores on their iPhone. The only thing that may steer fans away is the price. For the whole season, it will cost you $9.99. After the all-star break it tends to drop to about $4.99, this mainly in part because there is only half the season left. If you’re a die-hard baseball fan who needs to be up to date with each pitch, then this is well worth the $10 price tag. It will be nice to see if any of the other big sports try to capitalize on this success, until then, baseball fans are at an advantage, go and check this application out by purchasing it through the iTunes application store.