What Accessories Are Available for the iPhone 5?

With the iPhone 5 officially announced, it will start arriving through our letterboxes on 21st September. The wait is finally over! This iconic smartphone will sell incredibly well as all iPhones do. This leaves one lingering question on every new owners’ lips: what accessories are available for the iPhone 5?

Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

Probably the most significant advancement or change in the iPhone 5 is the new “Lightning” connector. This completely new charging and connectivity port has created a problem for anyone with an existing dock or other accessory because this is completely different to any other iPhone. Fortunately, a “Lightning to 30-pin adapter” is available for sale to ensure all of your old accessories work for your brand new iPhone 5.

Screen Protectors

Another big feature of the iPhone 5 is the gorgeous extended 4″ screen. Bigger than previous iPhones and also a better performer, you will obviously want to protect your screen the best you possibly can. There are a number of screen protectors available for the iPhone 5 including simple clear screen guards, privacy screen guards and ones with a mirrored effect.

iPhone 5 Cases

The most popular accessory for any smartphone is a case. There are cases for a number of purposes including heavy duty protection, all the way through to fashion specific cases. If you want to truly personalise the look of your phone, there are plenty of cases to choose from! For example, Otterbox in particular have a number of heavy duty cases to protect against the most brutal of knocks, drops and bumps. On the other hand, a number of other case manufacturers sell ultra-slim cases with enticing designs. These are great for showing off to your friends and making your iPhone 5 stand out from the crowd.

Speaker Docks

Speaker docks were incredibly popular with previous iterations of the iPhone. With the introduction of the new dock connector port on the iPhone 5, many consumers will be encouraged to also update their dock. Most top audio manufacturers will have iPhone 5 docks available within a month or so after the iPhone 5 release.

Bluetooth Car Kits and Headsets

Bluetooth car kits and headsets are a great accessory to have if you drive, or are taking part in an activity with which you need use of both hands. Luckily, if you already have a Bluetooth headset or car kit that works with an iPhone, it will still work on the iPhone 5. This is great news to those who are simply upgrading their iPhone. However, you can be sure that headsets will be released in the coming months to compliment the more slender look of the new iPhone to tempt you to update your current Bluetooth device.

As you can see, there will be a huge variety of accessories available for the iPhone 5 upon launch, and an ever increasing number of accessories throughout the lifespan of the device. With accessory manufacturers always innovating and coming up with new ideas, you can be sure there will always be something new to tempt you. Remember to protect your iPhone 5 well, accessorize, and get the most out of your smartphone!

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