Different designs of iphone 4s cases to choose from Orangebear

When the name Apple is mentioned, the next thing to come to mind is the iPhone and in particular the iPhone 4s phone model. The unique features of the iPhone 4s have made the phone one of the most coveted gadgets. I therefore assume it is correct to say that the iPhone 4 and 4s is so far the best ever invented phone. Despite the huge success brought by the invention of iPhone 4, Apple has continued to release many other gadgets. To ensure the best care of the iPhone 4 or 4s a case for the phone is recommended.

Companies that are centered in making cases for these devices have been forced to keep up. Having obtained an iPhone 4, you will definitely want a suitable case for this phone. Below we have a look at various iPhone 4s case options available in the market today.

The market today offers iPhone 4 cases made from different materials. The most common one are those that are made from leather and rubber. Other materials include metallic and plastic cases designed to hold your iPhone 4. Leather cases are preferred to the other three when safety is brought to question. The only short coming with leather cases is that they are prone to attracting dust which is quite difficult to remove. Fashionable iPhone 4 cases are made from rubber and can be gotten in different designs and colors.

There are some designs in the market that you will definitely love and you will want to buy them. Before you make that move, let us help you get the best iPhone 4 case for your pricy device.

iBottle – Opener Case: This is a unique design that will rock you to your toes. Picture opening a bottle of soda or beer with an iPhone 4 case! Sounds like an app, Right?! Unfortunately it is not an app but even better. You can forget the hustle of opening the bottle and saving yourself a luggage by purchasing this unique iPhone 4case.

Carry Pouch Case: Another iPhone 4 case of its own kind. No other compares to the uniqueness of this case. It is designed to cover the most part of the phone. You are guaranteed of style and class when you purchase a Carry Pouch case.

Booty Call case and Holder: This can be used as a case and a holder as well. If you are a fan loving guy, then the design of this iPhone 4case will serve you. Its humorous shape and stylish display is yours for the take when you purchase this case.

CrystalRock Swarovski Case: Glittering and dazzling are the words to explain this case. I would recommend this case to people who love being glamorous. This case offers spectacular display on your phone and you are going to get the better out of it.

Ruggedized Case: This is a complete safe house for your iPhone 4 device. You do not have to be paranoid about dropping your phone anymore. The Ruggedized case comes with inbuilt shock absorbers that will guarantee its safety in case it falls. It also helps in keeping dust away and restricts contact between the glass panel and debris. This is definitely the case for your pricy device.

Electrical Outlet Case: This case is effective performing to the best main purpose of protecting your device. Furthermore, it creates an eye catching site. Those who see it will love it and thus matching the class of your iPhone 4 device.

Neutral Bamboo Wooden Case: This is perhaps the most uniquely designed iPhone 4 case. This case got crafty hands all over it giving it a magnificent appearance. This case is eco-friendly as it is made from natural materials.

We are now confident that you will be able to choose a better design for your iPhone 4 case after you have read this article. These designs have been also adjusted to fit other apple inventions like the iPhone 5, iPods, i-pads and other apple products.

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