iPhone RSA Converter Made Easy

On June 06, 2009 RSA Security, Inc released the much awaited RSA SecurID Software Token for the iPhone.  This is a huge step for the iPhone becoming more of an Enterprise device.   One of the biggest complaints for the iPhone was you had to carry a RSA hard token with the iPhone to log in  to remote systems.  I’m glad that the developers at RSA realized that there is a demand for this App.  If your company uses RSA SecurID then talk with them about getting the iphone users set up with this new app.

More about RSA…

The RSA SecurID iPhone Application is a two-factor authentication that is based on something you have (an authenticator) and something you know (a PIN). This provides a company with a way to keep their systems very  secure from outsiders and hackers.  They are an industry leader in creating sensitive security authentications. You can read more about RSA at their website www.rsa.com

Installing the RSA Softtoken on your iPhone with our HTML Converter…

To install the RSA Softtoken on your iphone you need to create a clickable link in a email.  You also need a special converter found at RSA’s website.  This can be a timely process to follow the directions provided with the RSA SecurID Software Token Converter. Our developers here at iPhone Download World have made  the process a little bit easier by creating a batch file that does a lot of the work for you.  There is another website that offers a similar process but they have it all online. (I don’t know about you, but I would not submit my company’s security information to some random website)  That’s why we created this batch file. You can download it and run it on you own machine.

What you will need to set up RSA on the iphone.

  1. An iphone with the RSA app installed. Get the RSA App
  2. The RSA SecurID Software Token Converter found on their website
  3. iPhone Download World’s HTML Token Converter
  4. You company must also have purchased RSA Authentication Manager & Software Token Seeds from RSA

Follow these simple steps to get an HTML file that you can email to your iphone:

  1. Once you have everything downloaded, unzip the RSA SecurID Software Token Converter to c:\TokenConverter240
  2. Place the HTML Token Converter into that folder
  3. In your RSA Manager create or reissue a software token
  4. Place that software token in the c:\TokenConverter240\ folder
  5. Click on the HTML Token Converter and enter the full name of the software token i.e.  xxxxxx.sdtid and hit enter
  6. It will then create a text file called Token.txt and then create a HTML file called Token.html
  7. Email that HTML file as an attachment to the iphone
  8. Open the attachment and click on the link in the attachment
  9. The RSA Software on the iPhone will then install the token

**NOTE** if you unzip the software to a different folder other than c:\TokenConverter240\ then you will have to edit the batch file to the correct folder. The Batch code line is you will need to edit is  [start c:\TokenConverter240\TokenConverter240.exe %INPUT% -iphone -o c:\TokenConverter240\Token.txt]

This has not tested with linux.  If you have any questions or have any problems with this, please leave a comment and we can see if we can help you.

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