iPhone 3.0 Fails Cellular Data Network:Resolved


I got into work this morning and had a few emails from some of my company’s users that read something like this…

I updated my iPhone 3G to the new iPhone 3.0 OS last night and now i can’t get any of my emails. I receive and error “Could not activate cellular data network: You are not subscribed to a cellular data service” Help ME!!!

data connect

I first did some checking with our wireless carrier AT&T. The phone lines had the proper data service attached to them.  I tried to reset the network connections, that fixed one of the problem iPhones. I still had two more with issues.

I started searching the internet for some answers. The number one thing I found you can try and do is to reset your network connections.

To do this:  Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings

The next solution I found was to manually set up the APN settings. This only works if your carrier allow you to change those settings. My company uses AT&T and they do not allow you to change those settings… or maybe it’s an IT policy that we push down to the phones, I’m not to sure. You can check out the solution that I  found on the macmend.com site.

I will be troubleshooting this issue throughout the day and let you know what other solutions I come up with.

About 4 hours later….

Solution for AT&T at least:

I went to Apple’s website and downloaded their iPhone Configuration Utility. I  installed the ICU on my PC.

In the ICU follow these directions:

File -> New Configuration Profile ->Advanced tab -> Configure then enter the following

APN: wap.cingular


Password: CINGULAR1

Then click on the export tab. Name the file what ever you like, I used “Data_issue_fix”.  Since you are on you PC/Mac you can then email this file to your iPhone.  You need to be connected via Wi-Fi to get your email. Click on the attachment and then click install.

IMG_0161 IMG_0162

After that I powered off my iPhone, and when I turned it back on,  my data service was working.  I did notice that it creates a profile under your settings -> general…

More to Come….

Update  Friday June 19, 2009

I have noticed that my users that had this issue were in AT&T’s Permier billing system under Blackberry Plans, not the iPhone data plan. I am going to test this, but if any one else can check their plan,  what they have as their device and leave a comment.

I have just upgraded an iphone that is on a Blackberry plan and I received the error “Could not activate cellular data network: You are not subscribed to a cellular data service”

I am about to restore it to firmware 2.2.1 and then update my plan to an iPhone, then try the upgrade again…

Well I had some issues with restoring it back to 2.2.1, so I called AT&T and had them update my plan to the iPhone plan, and Presto it WORKED.

Solution: to the Could not activate cellular data network: You are not subscribed to a cellular data service erroris to call AT&T to have them update your plan.