Diablo for the iPhone?

Could this Diablo  for the iPhone?

iDracula for the iPhone

Sorry to disappoint you Diablo fans, it isn’t a Diablo for the iPhone.  This is the Super popular iDracula. This game has stunning graphics and even better game play.  In iDracula,  you are being hunted by Dracula himself along with his posse of Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches.

This is a survival shooter game, and one of the most intense in the Apps Store… Not to sure how they got this one through Apple.

You start off with weak, slow monsters and a very basic gun. As you progress, the monsters get faster and more powerful. They start to drop better weapons and gain more powers. As you gain experience, you gain additional perks (you’ll have to play to find out).

iDracula has the Following features:

  • Most intense iPhone Game on the market!
  • 6 Different weapons
  • Amazing graphics and superlative animations
  • Two different game modes – Survival & Rush
  • Awesome quality at a incredibly low price

If you have an iPhone, you HAVE-TO-HAVE iDracula. It is currently on Sale for $0.99 If you get it now, you will get the upgrades as soon as there are avaible. The next upgrade will have new levels, new creatures, new weapons, and a higher Co$t. Get this today while it is still on sale!   Click here to get it today.

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