Google Earth for the iPhone

You guessed it. Google’s developers have been hard at work, because they just released Google Earth for the iPhone. That amazing program that we have all spent hours playing with, is just a touch away. This version of Google Earth is as ever bit impressive as the desktop application.


The multi-touch interface makes this application very easy to use and navigate around. It has all the same amazing satellite and aerial imagery as the desktop version. Leave it to Google to integrate the browser into this app which allows you to directly link to Wikipedia article and photos from Panoramio. Plus you can seamlessly jump from the browser back to Google Earth. It also has the ability when you tilt your phone to adjust to the terrain.


One problem with the tilt function built into Google Earth is if you hand it to someone, it will tilt and move the focus which can get annoying. On a positive note, you can turn the auto-tilt feature off under the settings option. Each time you start the program it will zoom in to the last place you looked at, which wastes unnecessary time. The current version does not have the ability to show street names. It looses functionality points with us on this part.


This is probably one of the better Apps we’ve seen in a while. It really shows of the processing power and graphic ability of the iPhone. Google Earth’s iPhone App, is a definite winner in our book.
9.6 out 10