iPhone's DOOM Resurrection Released

DOOM Resurrection has been released by Id Software exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This is the first of it’s kind game for new iPhone 3G S. It takes full advantage of that new chip in the iPhone S giving it phenomenal graphics for a hand-held.

DOOM Resurrection has the same first person shooter that has made the DOOM games classic. The premise of DOOM Resurrection is you are the only survivor on  a Mars facility that scientists have lost control of their Top Secret experiment.  After your entire Marine unit has been killed, it is your job to defeat Hell’s minions and find out what happened on Mars.

DOOM Resurrection has 8 all new never before seen levels, which include 6 Mars themed levels and 2 Hell themed levels! You get to utilize a large arsenal of weapons including an assault rifle, shotgun, the vicious chainsaw, and many more.

This is truely a 5 STAR game form the iPhone. Don’t worry if you don’t have the new iPhone 3G S, it works with older modles of the iPhone too.