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Quickr is a $0.99US iPhone app to take pictures and quickly post them to your Tumblr account. Here’s the simplest explanation I can give for how Quickr lives up to its name:

Steps necessary to take a picture and post it through the Tumblr app:

  1. launch Tumblr app
  2. tap post (assuming you have the dashboard shown by default)
  3. tap photo
  4. tap “take new photo”
  5. take picture

Steps necessary to email a picture to Tumblr from the iPhone camera app:

  1. launch camera
  2. take picture
  3. tap button to see photo library
  4. tap arrow at bottom left
  5. tap “email photo” (wait for Mail to launch)
  6. tap ‘to’
  7. fill in email address for your Tumblr

Steps to post a picture using Quickr

  1. launch Quickr
  2. take picture

Quickr will let you decide if you want to store the picture in your iPhone’s library or not (you can set a default yes/no and then change very easily it for individual pictures from inside the app). As of v.1.0 posting to “sub-Tumblrs” is not supported, but I spoke with the developer and he is planning to include support for that in the future. He also mentioned that a bug exists in 1.0 which prevents the app from running on an iPad. A fix has already been submitted to the App Store. (Even though the iPad doesn’t have a camera, Quickr will eventually allow you to upload pictures from your photo library on the iPad.)

The bulk of the pictures that my wife and I take with our iPhones are intended to be posted to Tumblr, so Quickr is going to get a lot of use in our house.

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