Twitter for iPhone should be going live tonight

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Tweetie for iPhone was acquired by Twitter, and has been updated and released as Twitter for iPhone. The good news is that it is now free (Tweetie was US$2.99). It should be hitting the US App Store later tonight, although some folks are already seeing it.

Tweetie 2 was recently removed from the App Store to make way for Twitter for iPhone. You can continue to use Tweetie 2 (or Tweetie 1) but only until the end of June, due to changes in the way Twitter is handling logins. All Twitter applications are going to have to be updated before then, or else they will no longer be able to log in. Those of you who have been holding onto Birdfeed, this means you too.

You will have to “authorize” Twitter for iPhone. This authorization means that if you change your password, you can still use Twitter for iPhone. Authorizations can be managed in your Twitter account settings under “Connections.”

The acquisition of Tweetie caused quite a stir in the Twitter development community. A free, officially-branded application on the iPhone (and BlackBerry) is obviously a cause for concern for third-party developers. That said, Tweetie 2 has long been “the Twitter app to beat” on the iPhone.

We’ll have a more in-depth look at Twitter for iPhone later, but for now, download it and let us know what you think.

Update 9:40 am ET: It’s still not live in the US store, although apparently is is live in New Zealand.

Update: 12:45 pm ET: It is now available in the US store.

Update: 2:00 pm ET: see First look: Twitter for iPhone for our hands-on look.

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