No 3GS for IOS5

Not sure if you’re keeping up with the latest iPhone 5 rumors but I just heard something pretty disturbing that will affect all those hanging on to their old iPhone 3G and 3GS’s out there – including yours truly.

I’m sure many of you have seen those great BestBuy buy Back commercials. you know – the one with the little kid running around telling her dad you got the wrong TV dummy. well if you haven’t, its kind of worth checking out. anyways, I’m the kind of guy who usually skips a year of Madden, NBA Live, Tiger Woods, or [insert other random annual game here] and gets the new version every other year or so. usually there’s not much in the new release to warrant the new game price tag but even if there is – screw it because I’m cheap I don’t like falling prey to those kinds of bank account squeezing marketing tactics.

Apple is pretty infamous for this, releasing a new version of each of their products every year or so. It’s a great business model as everybody likes to keep up with the latest and greatest and there’s certainly nothing wrong with this but it’s just not for me. I still have my 1st gen iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano because they still work great and I don’t see any reason to upgrade to the newer ones. yes, the iPhone 4 looks pretty damn cool and the Retina display makes my 3GS look like an ugly turd but it works and I don’t see the point in upgrading yet. well, to stay true to my every other year upgrade I decided to pass on the iPhone 4 and just wait for the upcoming iPhone 5 release.

Well, it looks like Apple might be forcing my hand here with the latest iOS 5. according to a Tweet by Eldar Murtazin, editor-in-chief of Russian mobile phone blog Mobile-Review, iOS 5 will NOT be compatible with the 3GS The rumor is yet to be confirmed but apparently Murtazin is a pretty reputable source in the world of mobile phones so it sounds like he knows his stuff.

With Apple’s latest iOS 5 reportedly to be previewed at the annual WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC) which begins on June 6, my 3GS’s days could be numbered

Anybody want to buy a white iPhone 3GS? I might have one available come June.