iPhone gains even more US carriers for April 20 launch – iPad/iPhone – Macworld UK

Wednesday appears to be a banner day for regional carriers and the iPhone: this morning, Macworld noted that both Virginia-based nTelos and Alaskan carrier Alaskan Communications would carry the iPhone 4S starting on April 20. now we know that, as reported by MacRumors, they aren’t the only recipients—you can add another Alaskan carrier, one from Kentucky, and one from Wisconsin to the mix. as of Wednesday afternoon, the following three regional carriers were touting the iPhone on their websites.

Alaskan GSM carrier GCI will offer the iPhone 4S (along with the 3GS and 4) on April 20 with plans that start at $60. GCI’s data plans are locked at 3GB, no matter which one you select; the differences lie in calling areas (Alaska or Nationwide) and minutes.

In Kentucky, CDMA carrier Appalachian Wireless will be the regional carrier of record for the iPhone 4S and 4 on the 20th. Its plans start at $70, with higher tiers based on minutes needed; customers have a 5.1 GB of data cap per month regardless of what plan they subscribe to.

According to WSAW, Cellcom is also due to get the iPhone 4S and 4 in Wisconsin for its CDMA network. Monthly plans start at $70, though users will have just 2GB of data a month.

All these carriers are offering the iPhone 4S at a $50 discount compared to their larger bretheren: $150 for the 16GB 4S, $250 for the 32GB, and $350 for the 64GB; the iPhone 4 is just $50, while the 3GS (GSI only) is free.

We’ll continue to update this story with any new regional carrier announcements. and if you know of a carrier that we missed, please let us know in the comments.