How To Unlock AT&T Out-Of-Contract iPhones Without Losing Untethered Jailbreak

After approving the user, AT&T sends an email with instructions to complete the unlock.

However, there's a glitch. Users, who care about their jailbreak, might not be able to unlock their iPhone without losing the untethered jailbreak on their device.

iDownloadBlog has shared a process to unlock the iPhone without having to restore or lose the untethered jailbreak:

Step 1: Download the latest version of RedSn0w, available here.

Step 2: Plug the iPhone in and follow the steps to put it in DFU mode. To know how to put the iPhone in DFU mode, click here.

Step 3: After RedSn0w recognizes the iPhone, select “Jailbreak” option.

Step 4: On the following screen, deselect “Install Cydia” and select “Deactivate”.

Step 5: The device will have lines of codes running on the screen, which is normal.

Step 6: Wait until the device reboots and then launch iTunes. iTunes will then give a message saying that the iPhone has successfully been unlocked.

[Source: iDownloadBlog]

For users who travel overseas, an unlocked iPhone is ideal as they can use a cheaper SIM card from a local GSM wireless carrier, rather than paying for expensive service from AT&T, PCWorld reported.

The report added that Unlocked AT&T phones will work on T-Mobile's network, though data speeds will be slower than 3G. in addition, “AT&T's unlocked phones won't work on Sprint or Verizon, due to their use of CDMA networks that don't rely on SIM cards.”

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