Lots Of Choice With IPhone 3G Accessories

Article by Christopher S. Norwood

The iPhone 3G is the latest baby to be born to the Apple family and already it is flying off the shelves, and in some places you may even have to wait to get your hands on one of these bad boys, but on the plus side, once you have got one there is a wealth of new iPhone 3G accessories to go with it.

Never Run Out of Power

One of the most useful iPhone 3G accessories on the market today is iPhone 3G battery pack, this little black box plugs in to the same socket as your normal iPhone mains charger, and can give up to three hours of talk time, or time to do whatever else it is you fancied doing when you forgot to plug your iPhone in to charge before you left the house.

A Gadget for Every Occasion

Once you have sorted your power problems why not have a look at the other vast range of iPhone 3G accessories on offer, there are lots of bluetooth iPhone accessories, speaker accessories, cases, headphones and more. it may well be a question of having to stop yourself buying too many iPhone 3G accessories as they all seem to be quite cool and definitely some thing you can’t live without.

There is a massive choice on offer in the way of speaker iPhone 3G accessories, and these could be just what you need to replace that dodgy old stereo system that takes up huge amounts of space on the side in your sitting room. Time to condemn it to the scrap heap and get a slick small speaker system of your choice.

The concept is simple, there is a space in the speaker set for you to slot in your iPhone, and then all you need to do is start your iPhone iPod mode and the music can be heard by all. The speakers all tend to give excellent playback sound, the volume is good and with many sets you can adjust the treble and the bass to suit yourself – definitely a must have iPhone 3G accessory.

And for the laziest amongst us, the iPhone 3G accessory of the month must be the video shell. A clear plastic shell that goes over the mobile, and has a natty little stand on the back that means you can stand it up landscape view which means you can place it on a table to watch a movie – no need to even hold it!

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