New Apps for Your iPhone and Android, April 2011 Edition

Fring: Not new, but a new release for both iPhone, Android and Nokia lets users make free group video calls with up to four friends. (Free, multiple app stores)

Trapcall: Available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, this call screening/call recording/call blocking app lets you see who’s calling, even when the number is blocked, plus blacklist callers, record calls and more. Ethical questions aside (how is it unblocking numbers if not by violating user privacy somehow?), it’s an app we know many will want. (Free app, service plans at $4.95/month+, multiple app stores)

Eventjot: this group photo-sharing app is almost exactly like Color, except that it doesn’t use GPS to connect strangers. Instead, it’s meant to be used with friends attending the same event. Hey, it’s big in Japan. (Free, multiple app stores)

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