Technology Unparalleled – Portable I Phone Charger With Speaker and LED

Fast Mac has come up with yet another universal product ‘iV’, an extended battery pack and portable charger along with speaker especially for Apple’s iphone. Claiming to have triple battery life and a built in flash and blue tooth headset charger, this handy charger also has a built in speaker along with volume control. This portable battery charger can be snapped at the back of your phone and allows one to enjoy music, talks and even taking pictures while the phone is still connected.

The fast Mac’s latest launch contains 3100mAh true Power battery, which is said to be the longest lasting battery available in the markets for any iPhone. besides, the dock connector port is also used for charging and syncing. This mobile battery charger has a full size USB port which can also charge Bluetooth headset, digital camera, game system or even another phone. The LED (built in flash) also allows one to be used for clicking photos or videos in low light.

Weighing 3.69 ounces, just 25% of the weight of the actual iPhone, the bottom of the iV is contoured to ensure that it is docked and charges the iPhone. The in built speakers chambers are designed in a manner to reflect the sound up and towards the listeners instead of sending it away. it takes about 3 hours to get fully charged and is compatible with all the models of iPhone & iPod touch. not only this, its secondary charging point enables the iV to charge any electronic device that can be charged via a standard USB cable and matching power connector. According to the USB-IF, a non-profit association of USB developers & manufacturers, more than 1000 devices can be powered using the iV’s secondary charging port.

Available at a reasonable rate of $44, this iV when armed with an apple iPhone is capable of up to 24 hours of talk time, 31 days of standby, 20+ hours of video & almost 72 hours of audio playback time. The various features and compatibility levels has also earn, this portable iPhone charger with Speaker and LED, many accolades at Macworld Expo.

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