LinkedIn Acquires mSpoke [LinkedIn Has Acquired mSpoke to Shore Up Its Recommendation Technology Content]

LinkedIn aims to improve its current content for recommendation technology and the acquisition of mSpoke should make all that happen. the professional social networking provider formally acquired mSpoke although no details on the deal were disclosed.

With the acquisition, LinkedIn plans to build an adaptive personalization engine which should help combine advanced machine learning technology with consumer feedback for improved web content.

The new recommendation technology stands to help enhance LinkedIn user experience through relevant content, personalized news and other common updates.

This will be LinkedIn’s first official acquisition since it was born in 2003. They have over 75 million members worldwide and with the entry of mSpoke, chances are they want to add something new to stay in line with the many social networks applying various enhances for their users.

And while this update may seem promising, it looks like they have their work cut out for them.

With Facebook and Twitter pretty much ahead, LinkedIn and mSpoke may want to consider adding more features and services to make them a preference over the more popular social networking sites we know of today.

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