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Blogging is an extremely popular thing today. Almost everyone seems to have a blog anymore, even my grandpa has a blog and he’s in his 70′s. Due to the quantity of blogs all over the net comes the demand for users to be able to post/update their blogs from their iPhone. There are a few options out there that promise easy to use options to do this, the problem with that is a lot of them come with hefty price tags.

Browsing through the app store for a blogging app the other day I came across BlogPress. Looked great, and had a lot of features that I thought would make blogging from my iPhone even easier than I had anticipated. unfortunately, all of my excitement was for nothing as BlogPress seemed to be quite the letdown.

Visually BlogPress is great. You can have multiple blogs if you have more than one that you post to. You can easily post new blogs and edit already existing ones right from within the application. BlogPress even gives the option to post a picture in the blog and have the text wrap it, or post below it, whatever you like. my favorite part of BlogPress is the option to use a landscape keyboard to type as opposed to the portrait one, making typing much quicker and more accurate. right there is where the perks to BlogPress end.

The iPhone’s large screen makes it a good tool for mobile blogging and BlogPress makes the process that much more iPhone friendly. It’s a shame that there’s such a small list of supported blogging sites, but at least they’re popular ones. The app would be particularly useful to anyone that has more than one blog in sites supported by BlogPress as you’ll be able to update both from the same place.

BlogPress has a lot of potential and simply needs a few updates before it becomes an application worth the large price tag attached to it. If you really want an easy blogging tool either wait for this app to update a few times, or download iBlogger.

Privacy Alert! Don’t buy This App by splashthomas

Privacy Alert! Photos Upload to their server, not just your blog, and they wrap ads all around it. they don’t just publish to your blog, they store the photo on their server. That means that when you are in your blog and you click on a photo to see a larger view, that click/photo takes you to their site/server to see your photo to a page where they have ads wrapped around it.

So that nice photo o your kid up their will have Ann Taylor, Network Solutions and other crap wrapped around it. they don’t tell you that when you buy it. they are stealing money from you or making money on you without telling you. Losers!

Advertising nightmare by LittleLights

This app- even though I PAID for it, uses MY PHOTOS as an unwelcome billboard to advertise to MY FOLLOWERS. Not cool. I’ve also had problems with uploading photos- it works less than half the time. I’ve sent emails to complain and asking for a refund.

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