iPhone Camera Causes Security Concern

With more and more businesses switching over to the iPhone, it is becoming a security risk for some organizations. Many government institutions and top level agencies will not allow cameras in their facilities due to security concerns.  Since the iPhone has the built in camera, many employees and visitors to the facilities can not take their iPhone with them. If you don’t leave it in your car, you have to leave it at the security counter.

There have been some reports where people have left with the wrong iPhone. How’s that for a security concern…

If you want to use your iPhone in one of these institutions, you need to have your camera removed. To remove your camera is a difficult process, no matter what they may tell you on YouTube.com, and you can and probably will ruin your iPhone.  There are few and far companies that specialize in such removals. You can check your local classified ads for some John Doe who removes the camera in his apartment, but I wouldn’t trust that.

At iPhone Download World, we have found and recommend Mission Repair for iPhone camera removal. All of their Technicians are Apple Certified and will remove the camera, and reassemble the iPhone within 24 hours. They will also pack and send you your iPhone camera back to you with your camera-less iPhone.

The iPhone camera removal costs $69.00 plus shipping, which will vary depending on how you want it shipped. This is a real deal to have your iPhone camera removed by certified techs.

Click on the link below for your specific model:

2G – www.missionrepair.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=222-4023

3G – www.missionrepair.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=222-4022

3GS – www.missionrepair.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=222-4059