MJ debuts on the iPhone w/ THIS IS IT

Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT is going to be a blockbuster hit because it’s MJ. This new film will offer Jackson fans and music lovers rare behind the scenes look at the life of the pop star as he developed, created, and rehearsed for all of his sold out concerts. This film is drawn from over 100 hundred hours never before seen footage. In raw and candid detail THIS IS T, captures the singer, dance, filmmaker, and creative genius as he creates and perfects his final show.

iPhone owner can now own part of this epic film by getting the music from Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT. There are 3 different options for MJ fans: the full THIS IS IT album which give 21 songs including the single and an extra bonus; 6 selections from THIS IS IT, which includes “This is it” plus an orchestral version; or you can get the “This is it” ringtone for your iPhone.

Michael Jackson’s This Is It is the concert film featuring Michael Jackson as he prepares for a series of comeback concerts scheduled for London’s The O2 area. The soundtrack includes MJ classics, demos, the previously unheard “This is it”, and more.  Download Now

The EP features a selection of music from the soundtrack of Michael Jackson’s This is it, all of it previously unreleased. It boasts demos of three classic MJ hits, two versions of the new song “This is it”, and the spoken word “Planet Earth”.  Download Now

You can also get the “This is it” official ringtone for you iPhone. Once you have purchased your ringtone you can go to Settings -> Sounds -> Ringtone, and select “This is it” for your default ringtone. *** This Ringtone need the free iPhone 3.1 Software Upgrade to work.

If you are an MJ fan then you need to have this album. It is released today to go along with the movie opening tonight. Be one of the first to get the new soundtrack.