You Will Need A whole Pack of new Accessories for Your iPhone 5

iPhone 5 is already on the way and tons of Apple fans are expecting it. And iphone 5 rumors have been swirling around telling us how totally different iphone 5 would be. So are you aware that you may need a whole pack of brand new iphone accessories for your iphone 5 since it is totally different?


According to the flying rumors, iphone 5 would have a different size of its predecessors with 4.0-inch screen. It would be taller but slimmer than iphone 4 despite a bigger screen. And the dock connector will be changed from 30-pin to a smaller 19-pin, so even iphone charge adapters would need some new ones. The whole appearance is changed, so no matter how great your iphone 4s case is, it will not be suitable for your iphone 5. You need to refresh the whole pack of your iphone accessories.


If you pay attention on the apple accessories market, you may find that there’re already lots of iphone 5 cases out there for sale, even though iphone 5 hasn’t been released yet. Most of the iphone 5 cases on the market look slim, in accord with the rumors. And those iphone 5 cases are already quite versatile both in styles and materials. Although no one can 100% guarantees those protective cases are perfect for iphone 5, some manufacturers showed confidence about their products. They promise their customers to have a change or refund if it cannot suit iphone 5 when it comes out.


Besides iphone 5 case, you would also need iphone screen protectors since the screen is bigger. And because of a smaller dock connector, the universal apple charger adapters would not be compatible with iphone 5. So you will need a new charger adapter, hdmi cable, usb cable, etc. When you get rid of your iphone 4, the iphone 4 accessories are also useless to you. You will need a pack of whole new accessories for your iphone 5!