Wirelessly Charge Your iPhone, Here’s How To Make Wireless Charger [VIDEO]

What to do when your phone’s battery life lasts? Here’s a solution for that problem by wirelessly charging your iPhone you can get rid of the issue, this is what you might be waiting from Apple to release an official solution. in this case, not an official one but a tinkerer who called himself as Tanveer took apart a wireless charging case for the iPhone and installed its components into the iPhone 4S chases itself. think it’s not so easy, you have a bit of patience, a lot of soldering skills needed, sufficient knowledge of the iPhone’s internals to disassemble, modify, and reassemble, and you don’t have fear teardown or breaking your iPhone by mistake when doing the job, then its a pretty interesting project of yours. the full and complete video process is briefly described on in a three minute clip released by Tanveer in YouTube.

Still waiting for a word from Apple to add wireless charging to the iPhone? Waiting takes too long. We were being hearing rumors of its introduction for a number of years now, five generations gone and the sixth-generation iPhone (5), is yet to arrive. as said above if you are skilled solderer and have touch with hacks and breaking guts and reassembling it the same way officially available, then you could always add wireless charging to your iPhone yourself.

He, Tanveer took apart a wireless charger case for the iPhone and installed its components into the 4S smartphone and made his own wireless iPhone charger using a USB charging mat.

Get ready to hack your iPhone to add wireless charging. you will need a Powermat wireless charger (others can also work, but Tanveer used the Powermat and centered in this tutorial), a spare iPhone back panel, a spare charger port assembly, and extra thin wire guage for soldering. you will have to solder the wire gauge on pins 16, 23, 25, and 27 on the charger assembly port. Afterwords, you will be then connect them to a wireless receiver you knicked from the Powermat, Connect Pin 16 to 0v or ground, pin 23 +5v, pin 25 to data-, and pin 27 to data+. once that’s done, it’s time to test whether it works before modifying your spare rear panel and fitting it all together.

Assuming you managed to do all of this perfectly, you should now have a working, wirelessly chargeable iPhone! now, you have to test it out your created masterpiece before fully reassembling everything and installing the rear panel again.

DISCLAIMER: you can run the risk of permanently damaging your iPhone, and of course, voiding your warranty. Proceed at your own risk.

Note to point that this isn’t a fun hack to perform rather than practical solution to the lack of wireless charging. however you can test this on your older and spare iPhone laying out. taking this as a warning don’t try this on your original iPhone device that’s working fine currently.

Tanveer the man who created wireless charging ability feature for iPhone explains the whole process in the video below: