Update 3.0.1 Fixes What?

Some of you may have noticed when you connected your iPhones to iTunes you got the option to upgrade to 3.0.1. What is 3.0.1 you may ask yourself? Is this a fix to many of the issues with 3.0?

The answer is No.

On July 31st security expert Charlie Miller and his fellow researcher Collin Mulliner, released a big loophole in the iPhone’s SMS. This loophole is a security issue that allows someone to take control of your iPhone through a text message. If you receive any text messages with a small square character, DELETE it right away.

This security issues allows the hacker to gain complete control over your iPhone’s native functions. Some issues are opening websites, using the camera, or even making phone calls.

Miller and Mulliner had known about the issue for about a month. They did the right thing when they found out about this security issue, they notified Apple.

Apple worked diligently to figure out how and why this security issue arose. The have recently put out an updated to the 3.0 software.

The ISSUE: According to Apple article HT3754 – “A memory corruption issue exists in the decoding of SMS messages. Receiving a maliciously crafted SMS message may lead to an unexpected service interruption or arbitrary code execution. This update addresses the issue through improved error handling. Credit to Charlie Miller of Independent Security Evaluators, and Collin Mulliner of Technical University Berlin for reporting this issue.”

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