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With more than 10 billion apps sold from the Apple App Store when last checked, I bring you the top apps from among the best selling ones. these are top not just in sales numbers, but also in popularity and usefulness for a user. I have one app each from the following fields: Games, Travel, Music, Entertainment and Social Networking. these apps cost from $.99 and above, with one having a monthly subscription. I have not specified the rates because they keep on changing with new versions and releases etc. So without further ado, let me start with the top iPhone apps.

Games – Scrabble This classic word game from Hasbro is now available on iPhone as an App. you can play the game with other players from around the world, including with your friends from Facebook. there is an in-game chat that allows you to make it even more fun with chatting as you play the game with friends. in case you find that you are at a loss for words or spellings thereof while playing the games, there is an inbuilt scrabble dictionary too. overall, a sure recipe for hours of fun.

Travel – Yelp When you are in a new city, and don’t know where to go, use the Yelp app to find out the best eateries, restaurants and theatres around you. and countless other places whose reviews are found on For any traveler, this app is a must-have.

Music – SoundHound Everyone has their favorite music player, so it would be fruitless to suggest another player here. So, as the top music app, I suggest SoundHound. If you hear a tune or a song, and cannot recall or do not know which song it is, start up this app, and let it have a listen. like a true hound, it will find the name and artist of the song. This can be a fun app in bars.

Entertainment – Netflix The Netflix app is a monthly subscription app that allows you to stream your Netflix queue on the go. For parents and commuters, this is a great way to entertain kids and themselves, respectively. the monthly subscription comes in at $7.99 when last checked.

Social – Twitter This is the official twitter app, and just like the site itself, delivers on its promise of connecting you with your friends all the time. the app is especially helpful with uploading pics, with a single touch interface whenever you want to upload the latest picture you have taken. you can @reply, follow the latest news, and do all things twitter is known for.

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