Bluetooth Home Phones Vs Traditional Bluetooth Earpiece Devices

Were you aware that at any given time there are literally millions of people traveling, on the go? That’s a little hard to comprehend, I’m sure. when traveling about town or around the globe, some reports will tell you that near to a quarter billion people live in the United States and own cell phones. one quarter of those people don’t even own a landline phone anymore, while the other three quarters will use both. Bluetooth home phones could be a great money saver for adults that could aid the millions who use cell phones and would like to combine their usage into one phone line.

Traditional Bluetooth earpiece devices connect without wires to any Bluetooth equipped cell phone. most commonly, you will think ‘Bluetooth” when you see people running around “talking to themselves” with the blinking sticks coming out of their ears. Those would be Bluetooth headsets hooked to their cell phones. some wireless systems work with modems and other equipment in a home, networking with Bluetooth technology.

Gaining steady popularity now are the Bluetooth enabled home phones. these telephones will use the wireless networking technology to sync your cell phone with your home phone. You needn’t worry about missing phone calls from your cell phone or finding poor reception indoors when using your cell with it networked into your home phone system. Theses Bluetooth compatible home phones will work with or without landline service. so, if you currently do not have a home phone line, no worries, you don’t need one! If you do have a landline phone, well, now you can consider getting rid of it – just one more way to save extra cash – and use your cell phone exclusively.

There are a few types of telephones and connecting equipment to aid you in your quest to bring Bluetooth for home phones.

XLink Bluetooth Gateways This handy little contraption is Bluetooth enabled and will work with or without your existing home phone service. the BTTN model works with your landline phone service. the BT model would be perfect for those who want to dump their landline service altogether. with the capability to service three cell phones on either model, you can actually program a different ring tone on your home phone for recognition between the three. It is an upgradeable device using its USB port.

Dock-N-Talk The first system offered in the marketplace. the Dock-N-Talk is Bluetooth enabled or could be connected by wire to operate in sync with your cell phone. this product can use your home phones, but will only support one cell phone. when connected by wire it will also charge your phone.

Panasonic DECT 6.0 Link-to-Cell Phone System This system can handle up to six landline handsets and is Bluetooth enabled. Landline service is not necessary to have with this model from Panasonic. two cell phones can be paired to the system that has sixty channels available for perfect clarity. Voice mail, caller ID and waiting, ringer IDs, memory and phonebook are only some of the features available to you.

So dump your landline, or not, grab your cell phone, and never miss a call again! Actually, use all of the minutes and cell service features you pay for monthly by making use of the night and weekend minutes. Convenience and practicality are the mainstays of home phones with Bluetooth.

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