Tips to Buy a Good Mobile Phone

Today, we can find an ocean of models of mobile phones in the market and more are released every month. Call this as freedom of choice or the burden of choosing. The fact remains that whenever we buy a mobile phone; we see another model the next day and regret that we did not buy that one. This kind of frustration is common among the youth who are the primary users of mobile phones. Though this is inevitable as better models come out every month, we can reduce the frustration by making an intelligent choice through a thorough research of the needs, and the extra features that is present in the mobile. Here are the few things that one needs to be sure of before zeroing-in on a mobile.


With prices of mobile phones crashing down, one can expect to get a better phone with less money nowadays, but delaying the purchase to let the price come down is not so good an idea, as a better model arrives in the market for the same price and you will be tempted to buy a mobile for the original price you had thought of. Finalizing the budget can narrow down the range of mobile phones drastically.


Though design of a phone is not much important to men as it is to a woman, deciding the shape and design of the mobile phone helps you to narrow down the models. There are flip models, sliders, candy bars, slim ones, sturdy ones etc.

Though flip models add to the style statement, they are usually flimsy and need to be handled with care. Whereas sliders and candy bar shapes are most sought after for, they are sturdy, and can handle pressure much better than flip ones.


Today, a mobile phone is not only a device to talk but a mobile computer, camera, MP3 player etc. Younger generations have made the MP3 player with good sound quality mandatory for any mobile phone. The placement of speakers also plays a vital role in sound projection. Usually side mounted speakers throw better sound than back or front mounted ones. With a lot of information being generated today through photos, songs and videos, memory capacity also is important to make a phone acceptable. Memory in the range of GBs are becoming the norm nowadays, but slots for adding memory cards can also do the trick. Camera is another feature in the mobile phone that is being upgraded and better technologies are being introduced continually. Gone are the days when a VGA camera was in vogue. Now, phones that have cameras rivaling the digital cameras are being introduced. Mobile phone with a 12MP camera has become a reality and this makes the need for a digital camera redundant.


We can never imagine a world today without the internet and the role it plays in our daily life. Phones with GPRS have become basic models. Today, a good mobile phone must have Bluetooth connectivity as a bare minimum. Bluetooth has made transfer of data over short range and connecting to a WIFI internet possible and easy. Thus a hassle free net connection is made possible. A USB slot for easy transfer of files is becoming necessary nowadays. Else, at least a data cord must be provided to help in transfer of files to other devices and also to connect to the internet.


This might look trivial but there are cases where people get frustrated with lack of easy typing and messaging. A person who is addicted to messaging will first look for a phone that is typing friendly. Rubber pads make for a good typing experience than metal finished keypads, but will have to compromise on the style factor.


With extra features being added to the mobile phone, a stronger battery is a must to keep the power draining applications running. A battery must at least withstand one day in the life of a normal person where one listens to music, browses the internet, captures photos, videos etc.

A thorough discussion among mobile users and sufficient research of various models will definitely help you in making an intelligent decision and not feel envious about another model which was launched recently. One thing to be made clear in the mobile phone market is that the phones are made obsolete every four months approximately and newer models keep coming into the market endlessly.

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