This Day in Tech: Square handles $4M in transactions a day; Microsoft pulls back access to location data

Too busy to keep up with the tech news? here are some of the more interesting stories from CNET for Monday, August 1.

• Mobile payment company Square is handling $4 million a day in transactions, up $1 million more than the company handled in May. but don’t let numbers fool you, Square still has a ways to go to prove itself: credit companies process billions of dollars in payments.

• Location data gets a little more private. Microsoft restricts its practice of publishing Wi-Fi locations of millions of laptops, cell phones, and other devices after a CNET article highlighted privacy concerns about the company’s database. Similarly, Google pulled back access to its location database.

• Spectrum auctions is not part of the debt ceiling agreement, but it could be a good way to generate cash. Wireless spectrum auctions could give the government extra money without rising or adding new taxes.

• iCloud pricing announced: $20 for 10GB, $40 for 20GB, $100 for 50GB, reports 9to5Mac.

• CNET gets the scoop on the new Sony S1 tablet, including battery life and launch date. The battery life is similar to theiPad 2 and it comes with an 9.4-inch IPS display with TrueBlack and Bravia display. The specs position thetablet for the home, with itsPS3 connectivity and onboard infrared remote feature, which lets the user control TVs and other devices.

• The home of a San Francisco host named EJ was vandalized by a guest and the victim blogged about it. News of the incident went viral. The suspect has been arrested. The company offered EJ an apology and put a system in place, in the event something like this would happen again. according to the AirBnB blog, “On August 15th, we will be implementing a $50,000 Airbnb Guarantee.”

• In addition to a pack of gum or deodorant, you can charge electric vehicles at Walgreens.The drug store chain announced its plan to install 800 chargers outside stores in several markets.

• The iPhone 5 is either coming in September or October, according to the rumor mill.

• Google+ began deleting private profiles. Users have a choice to display their full name publicly or delete the profile.

• Google acquired The Dealmap to get into the group buying business.

• Hello new Twitter security threat: Spammers are hacking accounts to push “make money fast” Web sites, according to Sophos. so if you see a tweet like, “hey everyone you’ve got to check out this article! I made $540 today!”–be suspicious.

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