Dress your iPhone up as a universal remote control

Get a handle on your remote-control control issues.


YouriPhone already controls your life, so it might as well control your television, too.

Plenty of apps let you use your iPhone as a remote control, but when an app alone isn’t substantial enough for you, you can turn to the new VooMoteOne. This consists of a clip-on external device in combination with an app. The whole kit and caboodle costs $99.

Your hundred bucks makes you a god among your household appliances. Follow the straightforward setup wizard and then lord the VooMoteOne over your electronics. Turn them on and off at will. Make them sing louder.

The app allows for profiles so you can set up specific bundles of electronics for each room. The app contains a large database of devices, but it can also learn a new device if you point the old remote control at the LED transmitter on the bottom of the VooMoteOne.

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The hook for the VooMoteOne is the endless amount of personalization. Combine remotes on a single screen and choose icons to represent your room profiles.

This could be a powerful gadget for people with remote-control control issues. Just set it up and hide all of the old remotes. you are the ruler in your tiny kingdom.

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