The Ultimate Guide To Choosing iPhone 5 Cases

Users of the iPhone 4 might be more than a little disappointed to know that the iPhone 5 is already in production. there are rumors that the iPhone 5 could be released as early as the beginning of summer. Luckily, your iPhone 4 cases will likely be used as iPhone 5 cases as well. Though the iPhone 5 is reported to be thinner than the iPhone 4, the cases should still cling just as well as if they were specifically made as iPhone 5 cases.

A bumper case is basically a rubber band that wraps around the iPhone and protects the sides from dropping. The iPhone 4 put the antennae on the outside of the phone making it more necessary to be protected. The iPhone 5 is likely to do this as well and will need more protection.

A snap case will protect not only the sides of your iPhone 5 it will also protect the back from dropping. The front however will be exposed. The iPhone 4 is highly scratch resistant so it is only logical to assume the iPhone 5 will have the same resistance. however the iPhone 4 is a smudge magnet, so keep this in mind.

The Belkin Shield Micra case was created for the iPhone 4 and will fit similarly to the iPhone 5. It lacks in bulk and is light weight. The case is also highly resistant to various abuses that can be done against it by a user or life itself.

The Griffin Motif iPhone 5 cases are extremely durable, flexible and resists the scuffs that might diminish the good looks of other cases. The cases themselves are more solid than silicone but they are more flexible than polycarbonate cases. these are ideal iPhone 5 cases for someone who wants protection without something that could tear your pocket if you sat wrong.

The Speck Fitted iPhone 5 cases are sure to be a great addition to the accessory collection. The backing is fabric with two rubber sides. The edges and face of the case are soft allowing you to easily get the case in and out of your pocket.

Compared to the earlier versions of the phone, this one will feature some incredible, almost sci-fi, advancements that will really have you considering saving your upgrade until July. one of the first things to notice is the sleek body design. “The iPhone is a brick!” some people say, (especially when it’s in the Otterbox!) The new iPhone5 will be slim and trim, compared to its older brothers. another cosmetic touch is the scratch-proof, shatter-proof screen. Bye bye, Otterbox!

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