The List of Must-Have Apps for iPhone 4

Since the release of the iPhone 4, new iPhone apps have been flooding the market. the iPhone 4 OS comes with several features which put it a step ahead of previous versions. the biggest hit with the public is the ability to multitask – ie: to have more than one iPhone app running at the same time.

Multitasking on iPhone 4 isn’t just for new apps, it’s also spurred innovation in applications that have been around for awhile. For now, there are still very few iPhone apps that use multitasking to the fullest. however, those that do are showing off the capabilities of this latest iPhone quite impressively.

Discover the awesome new features of iOS 4 and above with this list of five of the best free apps for iPhone 4.

The WordPress App on iPhone 4

Out of the many iPhone 4 apps available which make blogging easier, none of them are able to keep up with WordPress. This is a free app that is available for both the iPhone and the iPad. Users can easily edit posts, make new posts and edit comments along with many other available features. what helps it stand out more from all the other iPhone apps similar to it is that it can switch between browsers and pictures while still being connected to WordPress. It has never been this easy to blog with the iPhone.

Using Linkedln with iPhone 4

The LinkedIn app is a free social media connector that allows users to simultaneously be connected to Facebook, Twitter and WordPress. This app takes advantage of the iPhone’s multitasking capability by allowing users to write a new blog entry while announcing something on Twitter at the same time. Once you finish your post, it will immediately be sent out on Twitter.

Multitasking with the Audiobooks App

This is a fantastic app that has become exponentially better since the multitasking became an option. unlike older apps which limited what users could do while listening to an audiobook, since the iPhone OS update you can listen to your book while using your iPhone for other things. you can listen as you go online on Facebook or surf the net. the application also arranges all your audiobooks quite well, making them very easy to sift through.

Organize better with Evernote

Evernote is one of the most useful of all the iPhone apps and is contstantly leading the “top 10” lists of bloggers everywhere. the apps lets users take written notes or voice notes, organize them easily, and then sync the app with many other programs to store them online or off.

Pandora is better in iPhone 4

Anyone who has an iPhone probably already has this fantastic music application. Pandora is currently the most popular music app on the iPhone and iPod touch because it lets anybody listen to whatever they feel like for free. It’s also a music discovery and recommendation engine, so users can choose music they love or let the app choose and then use in-app purchases to download the songs. the one downside was if you were listening to Pandora that was all you could do, but of course the iPhone 4 OS has changed that as well. Multitasking users can now stream Pandora while browsing the Internet, playing a game, or catching up their blogging at the same time.

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