The Top iPhone Bluetooth Accessories

Are you an iPhone owner? What kind of Bluetooth accessories that you have used in it? As we know, iPhone is a smart phone that can be connected with many devices such as MP3, camera or multi-touch screen. It will be functional with these equipments. Here give you some suggestions for the top accessories:

Every iPhone should be equipped a stylish blue-tooth headset. The Blue Ant S1 is just the quality high-tech device that suit for our iPhone which has great design as well as multi-tech features. The Blue Ant also wisely added multi-point technology plus stereo A2DP compatibility in the new released Blue Ant S1 on the voice command features. You can simply say Accept call or Answer Call in your iPhone when you receive an incoming call. It provides a lot of convenience for you.

Jabra Cruiser Bluetooth Car Kit speakerphone

The Jabra Cruiser Bluetooth car kit is equipped with Dual Microphone technology which could improve the voice quality of calling. The high-end headsets can enhance the voice by eliminating background noise when making calls. It not only provides you excellent audio enjoyment, but also can ever play music via car stereo. What’s more, the multi-use function allows The Jabra Cruiser to connect with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. enjoy the high-tech driving experience with this car kit speakerphone.

The Richard Solo 1800 backup battery

Most iPhone owners are bothered with the problem of short battery life. The Richard Solo 1800 backup battery just solves this problem. Just snap it on your iPhone and it begins to charge instantly. It can hold 2-3 full charges of an iPhone and the included LED. It’s really worth your every penny and would highly recommend to your friends.

There are lots of iPhone accessories on the market, no matter what you get, these Bluetooth accessories can largely enhance your iPhone performance.