The iPhone 4S – A Look At The James May Science Stories App

A brand new application has launched for the iPhone 4S that gives users a guided tour of certain exhibits from the Science Museum in London. The new James May Science Stories application is now available from the iTunes App store for just £1.99. We take a look at what this exciting new software has to offer.

This new application for the iPhone 4S is not only endorsed by James May, presenter of the popular television series Top Gear, but it also features his voice and body within the application. This new software makes clever use of augmented reality so that the presenter appears on screen when you visit the museum and walk around the exhibits. The application provides a running narration on the exhibit that you are viewing. Even if you do not have time to visit the museum in London you can still take a virtual tour with the application. One of the most impressive aspect of this app is how well it blends content on the phone with what you can see at the museum. As you walk around chosen exhibits you view James May’s on screen character from different angles. At certain points the character that you see on the phones display actually casts a real shadow on the item you are viewing which helps to merge virtual reality and physical reality.

At this moment in time there are nine exhibits which work with the James May Science Stories app for the iPhone 4S. The developers of the software have also promised that future updates will see more exhibits added. During the launch of this software James Made a very interesting point that this application could give us a glimpse into how we may view video content that is broadcast in the future. Despite only providing actual voice narration the application does a wonderful job of making the user believe that he is actually in the room with them. Not only does the software look very impressive but it is also very easy to use. When visiting the museum the exhibits that are supported by the app are listed on the phones screen. Select the exhibit you are currently viewing and point the phone at the special marker which is located on top of a plinth. James May then appears on top of this plinth on the phones display to guide you through the most important aspects of the item that you are interested in.

This new application for the iPhone 4S is one of the best examples of smartphone augmented reality software. Not only is Science Stories very easy to use but it delivers a host of useful information in an innovative and fun manner.