The Apple iPhone 3G Product Review

I might not be a gadget person, nor do I spend much on them. but I do try to keep track of them. Just to keep up with this ever advancing world we live on. seeing middle-high class people in my country started using BB so much on the impact of Obama using it, I wonder what happens with its rival, Apple iPhone.

Within only a year from the indigenous birth of Apple iPhone, Apple released an upgrade version of Apple iPhone 3G. Determined to uphold the success of its predecessor, Apple iPhone 3G offers a better smart phone which may not be all that upgraded but still, better. Why is it not popular here like Blackberry then? I hope this article could give a fair glimpse of this lovely gadget, low on specifications as it may be, since I have yet try this phone myself.

Apple iPhone is a smart phone with almost no hardware interface safe for the home, power and volume button. most of the applications are done with touch screen. Be it a virtual keyboard for typing message, sliding through the menus, selecting applications, it’s all done with a tap or slide from your fingertip. Installed with a proximity sensor that shuts off the display and disable touch screen when the iPhone is brought near the face during a call and an ambient light sensor to adjust the display brightness to maintain the efficiency of battery usage, and a 3-axis accelerometer which senses the orientation of the phone thus changing the screen accordingly, for flexibility viewing pictures, websites and playlists, iPhone is a gaudy phone.

Measuring 4.5 inches (115 mm) (h)

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