How To Score An iPhone 3GS For Less Than $300

Many who reside overseas and those who love to snatch a bargain should pay close attention to this article, as I reveal how to score an iPhone 3Gs for less than $300.

First it’s important to note that the reason it’s now easier to get a discounted iPhone 3GS is because of the advent of the iPhone 4, which Apple released back in June of 2010. since this release, many who had the previous model put it up for sale and or traded it in, therefore creating a marketplace for the original. So, let’s take a look at how to find a good used iPhone 3GS for under a few hundred dollars.

1. eBay – you can hit the biggest auction house on the planet and search for an iPhone 3gs, narrow it down further by color, price and seller rating. look for one described as being in good condition and that the essentials are included such as battery and power cord. as is usual with eBay look at seller rating and feedback.

2. Amazon – similar as above but this retailer is not in auction format. They are a normal buy it now shop and loads of used merchandise is bought and sold each day at Amazon, including gently used iPhones. Perform a search today and good luck in scoring an older generation Apple mobile for a few hundred dollars.

3. Craigslist – this is probably going to be your best bet in securing the coveted iPhone locally. look up your city (and nearby cities) and see what comes up. When I searched my city, many were listed. Ask questions of the seller via email before making a trip anywhere and do your due diligence as always when buying used merchandise. Better safe than sorry.

4. Freecycle – should you be so lucky as to have someone list their used iPhone 3gs on Freecycle, snatch it up asap. Be sure to ask them if the phone is in working order, as it is possible it was put up for free because it doesn’t work. Why would someone do that? For parts.

5. Friends/ Relatives/Co-Workers – another best bet when trying to find a good used iPhone at low cost is to ask around in your social network. maybe Aunt Betty got herself a new model recently and now has the 3Gs in her bedroom dresser collecting dust. Boo hoo! Strike a deal with her and see if she will sell it to you for a hot homemade meal or cold hard cash. Just ask! Don’t forget about Facebook and Twitter as well, just get the word out that you’re looking. And of course, co-workers are a good source many sometimes forget about, try them too.

Keep in mind these five places to find a great used iPhone 3Gs at an unbelievable bargain rate. a few more tips include make sure you get what you pay for – a gently used, in working order, first generation Apple mobile that has all the working parts and accessories including the battery, USB cable and or power cord.

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