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good ….but if you have a few lifes it will be good…..

This is a great game!

6 and being unfaithful

great fun and simple to play yet hard to get better at. Very addicting! My some year old loves it.

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Try the particular free version from the space arcade sport that hooked ” cable “.COM! Using an uncomplicated tilt mechanism, manual your spaceship through a field of asteroids within space. Along the way, get powerups, mine points through rocks, and avoid missiles. Make use of shield (sparingly) to emerge from tough situations. Struck one asteroid and you’re carried out!

“Perfect for a little bit of everyday gameplay it really started to catch me. Simple and enslaving.” — wired.com

“You have got turned my wife in to an addict ::). Very nice game.Inches — customer review

“It’s a perfect game for the iPhone. I enjoy the little touches which echo back to a number of the classic arcade games of the 80s.In . — customer review

“great graphics.Inch — customer review

“Awesome! Fun along with addictive!” — buyer review

“A good time-waster.” — customer review

– quick startup time for you to jump right into the actions when you have a few minutes in order to kill!- Easy one-handed enjoy. Convenient when gobbling down a burrito in lunch time.- State-of-the-art Tesla-coil shield technological innovation safely bounces you off of even the hardest rocks.- Fast-paced soundtrack by underground Finnish artist Outgate, a.k.the. Jani Rantanen.- Adjust sound settings in iPhone Settings.- OpenFeint: share your substantial scores with friends, unlock achievements, and also earn FeintPoints! (Coming soon for iPad.)

HOW TO PLAY:- Tip to move left or right. Tap into and hold on screen to activate shields.

HINTS:- those little boulders don’t seem to do something. Or do they?- unless you hear or begin to see the missile explode, it is there. Look out behind you!- Don’t forget to takes place shield!

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