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excellent, but.. User: David Strom, Nov 12, 2010

Pros:  Good microphones and noise suppression Cons:  FM quality depends upon open spectrum

The Cruiser II is an excellent piece of hardware hobbled only by the limitations of finding an open FM band. I bought the Cruiser II with the hope of providing sync-like functions in an older car. It performs its functions admirably, and for a reasonable cost. Speakerphone quality, I am told, is excellent. It does transmit both phone and audio playback through the cars FM stereo quite well, hampered only by the lack of available clear FM spectrum. The transmitter is plenty strong enough, but here in Minneapolis (and I assume every city of any size), there is hardly any spectrum available that is clear of significant interference. As a consequence there is occasional interference from outside broadcasts, hindering high-quality sound transmission. I have found the compromise acceptable–the Cruiser II is much cheaper than getting a system installed in the aftermarket, but ultimately the sound quality is inferior to an in-built system that connects directly with your car stereo. Hence the 4 stars. very good, but hampered by things outside Jabras control.

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