Steve Jobs can’t wait for your hands and fingers

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There have been no shortage of jokes and sniggers about the “iPad” since it was announced, and it’s getting more and more difficult to tell reality from a Saturday Night Live skit. Just the other day my non-technical wife asked me, in all sincerity, if “iPeriod” was a real Apple product (no, honey, just someone making a “joke” … but there is an app for that.)

Apple isn’t helping matters either. In the press release regarding the iPad’s imminent arrival, Steve Jobs is quoted as saying the “iPad connects users with their apps and content in a far more intimate and fun way than ever before” and “[w]e can’t wait for users to get their hands and fingers on it this weekend” in reference to the iPad’s “revolutionary Multi-Touch[TM].”

Really, Steve? Really?

The only people I expect to be this excited to get their “hands and fingers busy” over the weekend are teenagers who have just started dating.

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