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Refurbished AT&T Phones – Earlier this year lowered the price for the iPhone 3G AT & T for 49, but customers can now get a revamped version of the popular Apple device for 9. AT & T 3G blacklist an 8GB iPhone for 99 with a two-year contract, but subtract 90 “discount renewal” and a newly activated iPhone is now yours for less than 10. In January AT & T dropped the price of the iPhone 3G for 99 to 49, just before Verizon began offering the iPhone 4. The old version of the iPhone is not the iPhone’s camera 4 front, see the retina and the application FaceTime, among other things, but for those who want to experience the iPhone without having to pay between 200 and 300, 3G an attractive option. Refurbished cell phones are the way they were returned during the trial period of 30 days. The devices are the factory default reset and tested before being resold. AT & T offers a trial period of 90 days 30 days refurbished equipment. as the price decreases the norm before the launch of a new product, the iPhone 3G 9 is an observer of Apple has been much talk about the upcoming iPhone. Boy Genius Report, said that the low cost of the iPhone rumor might actually be the iPhone 3G. will sell for 350 without contract, plus 5/4S the new iPhone, which will be released or given until the end of summer known. Add this to the growing list of five iPhone rumors, but says Sascha Segan PCMag mobile analyst recently asked to keep the iPhone rumor madness fifth.

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