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But I was lacking the primary point – I had no group and no programming capabilities at all. Well, clearly not the variety of figures I was expecting…

Subsequent day – 11 copies, then eight copies, then about 2-3 copies per day for the duration of the subsequent week. Just after 2 weeks my total net profit was all around fifty bucks.. Seems like now I have sufficient dollars to invite my girlfriend to McDonalds, ideal… what an epic failure.

And here is why.

Creating a great app or game is only piece of the story. The most vital element is how to market it productively and get on prime of apps retailer gross sales. That’s what most developers are missing, failing 1 just after another in their efforts to stay their dream. They place all their efforts into the development and miss the most critical part – productive marketing! even the very best app can continue being completely not known if you fail to market it effectively.

Once I realized this, I decided not to give up. so I spent the following 6 months producing the in depth marketplace analysis. I contacted 135 best apple apps and video games developers asking for help and information. As you could assume, 90% of them merely ignored me. but you know I am not type of man who offers up quickly.

These 10% who replied gave me knowledge you’d never discover in guides or on the internet.

I could personally meet some of them and receive the most important insider information on how this market functions. Oh you can’t picture how it turned my worldview upside down. nearly anything I learned before…

That is how leading developers keep the details from little guys like you and me so they can rake in funds, even though we can’t even sell ten copies! did you know there is a listing of elite developers who get quickly approvals, top quality putting in “what we are playing” and other best ratings & added benefits?

All this details is perfectly kept top secret from us…

… so no surprise thousands and thousands of new developers who enter the industry fail an individual right after a different. though you get puzzled examining and studying hundreds of methods of promoting your app – these men use only a few of techniques that seriously operate and never even waste their time on others…

In which to promote the app? how to get website traffic to the page? will need to I purchase paid evaluations or not? need to I generate blogs? Do I need to make support community forums for my game? need to I make my app free and make funds only by promoting Advertisements inside of, or is it far better to get rid of adverts and promote the app by itself? all these inquiries could depart the beginner developer completely puzzled and as a end result – on the street to complete failure in attaining success in the apple keep.

Allow me tell you this.

Like Tony Robbins when said “Become the finest by modeling the best”. Discover out what the greatest developers do and mimic their approaches, use their techniques and tricks and you will grow to be prosperous. really do not try to re-invent the wheel.

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