Plantronics BackBeat Go wireless earbuds all set to groove –

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Audiophiles now have a new Bluetooth wearable option slipping in by the name, Plantronics BackBeat go wireless earbuds. these earphones let users avail of all sorts of content like games, music or movies without the hassle of entangled cables.

This modestly cut out wearable peripheral claims to produce decent acoustics to enable entertainment while on the move. Easily secured in a pocket or in a purse, it arrives with 3 size options of cushioned eartips. it also happens to feature 2 stabilizers so that users can plug it in comfortably without it falling off.

If it’s an incoming call that needs to be attended, simply tapping the inline controls of the accessory is bound to work. all functions like volume adjustment, skipping tracks, pausing and so on can be deployed via the inline controls.

The Plantronics offering enables 4.5 hours of talking and listening time, as revealed by the company. Moreover, it can be hooked up to mobile phones as well as tablets via Bluetooth. this audio gear also incorporates sound isolation and noise cancellation technology in order to deliver clear stereo music without distortions.

When using an iPad or iPhone, a headset battery meter is shown on the screen. A Plantronics MyHeadset app provides a battery headset meter for Android 3.0 and ICS tablets as well as phones.

The Plantronics BackBeat go wireless price and availability details have been revealed by the company. it is tagged at $99.99 and it can be picked up from the official site.