Best Brands For iPhone Bluetooth Headsets

You are a fan of Apple’s gadgets and you’re just in love with your iPhone. It’s a marvel that never stop to fascinate you. You are a heavy user of the iPhone and finally you feel the necessity to have a Bluetooth headset.

Unfortunately the Apple Bluetooth headset is not the best complement for the iPhone: It doesn’t have a volume control, nor last number redial or call mute. There is no noise-cancellation, the earpiece is too big, the battery can’t hold a charge and fails to deliver the full potential of the iPhone.

The number of Bluetooth headsets continues to grow rapidly making the choosing of a headset for your iPhone not so simple. There being so many manufacturers in the market, which will be the best brand to accompany your iPhone?

Of all the brands, two are the leaders in the Bluetooth headsets market: Plantronics and Aliph.


In 1960 the speed and complexity of jet airliners caused a need for the introduction of small, lightweight headsets into the cockpit. Courtney Graham, a United Airline pilot, collaborated with his friend Keith Larkin to create a small, functional design which was robust enough to pass airlines standards. on may 18 1961 Graham and Larkin incorporate as Pacific Plantronics (now Plantronics Inc.)

Plantronics introduced the first lightweight communications headset to the commercial marketplace in 1962.

In 1961 Plantronics assembled a division to begin working on a reliable headset to be used in the Mercury spacecraft. in 1969 Neil Armstrong transmitted through a Plantronics headset one of the most enduring sentences in history.

In 2003, Plantronics introduced the CS50 wireless headset for use on office phones. Since that time, wireless headsets have been widely adopted.


Aliph is a company founded by Alexander Asseily and Hosain Rahman. Aliph is the developer of the Jawbone Bluetooth headset which revolutionized the wireless industry with its noise elimination technology and innovative design.

Jawbone uses NoiseAssassin adaptive signal processing technology that Aliph developed for DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), processing incoming and outgoing audio to reduce background noise in military environments.

In 2007, the headset was awarded an International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award.

Other Brands

With a lot of distance behind the leaders, the rest of the brands fight to be the number three. here it’s possible to find brands of fame making bad quality products, as well as new brands that offer acceptable products.