New iPhone Clones in 2009 – A Look at the SciPhone Dream and the I9-3G

It can be really confusing to know which CECT phone came out when. of course, every one wants to makes sure that they are getting the latest version available or the newest phone that has come out.  below, I’ll give a brief overview of the two phones that most people are referring to when they ask about the “2009 iPhone clone”  – that’s the SciPhone Dream G2 (Google Android Clone) and the i9-3G.

The Latest 2009 SciPhone – the G2 Dream: OK, so the welcome menu of this phone doesn’t look exactly like the iPhone.  Actually, it looks more like (and is based on) the HTC Dream or on the G1 by T Mobile.  It’s based around the Android operating system and all of Google’s applications.  Like the iPhone, this is a touch screen phone that has everything you could want or need (web browsing, email, MP3 / MP4, Bluetooth, digital camera, web cam, radio, etc.), but it makes the most of what big G has to offer.  just some of the things that are highlighted on this phone is gmail, maps, calendar, maps, stocks, albums, docs, etc.  If you really love and use the free Google line up of products, you may well like having “push” or one touch availability to these things.  This phone is really geared toward someone who conducts their business or their life around these products.

The Latest CECT i9 Phone – the Third Generation Version (AKA CiPhone or i9-3G): Another popular 2009 addition is the 3G version of the i9. So, what has changed? Well, this phone has everything that you like about the 9, but it has added a few things to give the phone a fresh new look.  Specifically, it now has the rounded back of the latest iPhone.  It now holds twice the memory (16 GB) and it now has tons more icons and apps available (10 pages).  when you see videos of this phone, most times, you’ll see someone dragging around or manipulating the icons.  This is probably the thing that gets the phone the most attention.  People really like having more icons available, but it’s also cool to be able to place them precisely where you’ll use them most or to change them around if you later change your mind.

Of course, there are new phones that come out just about every quarter with these clones, but as of this writing, these are two of the most popular recent additions.  which you like better depends on what you are looking for. If you’re wanting more of an iPhone clone – the i9-3G may suite your needs better.  the Dream is not an iClone per say, but more a knock off of the phones that use mostly free and useful Google apps.

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