Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard is Now the Future

It is clear that one of the most important trends in computing, for both desktop PCs and notebook computers, is wireless connectivity. Anytime one surveys the massive tangle of wire, cables and cords that are common with any computer setup, it is evident that less would be more. this trend to eliminate as many computer cords as possible is one reason why the Bluetooth wireless keyboard will eventually replace their corded counterparts.

Because of the advances in battery life and in wireless technology networking, the day is coming that everything that needs to communicate with your computer, from the keyboard to the mouse and every other needed peripheral, will do so wirelessly. Apple once again seems to be leading the way, as they have been the first to make the enabled keyboard, of this technology, part of the standard suite of equipment that comes with their new iMac. their keyboard is also a perfect compliment to their Apple Bluetooth Wireless Mighty Mouse, which has some additional fresh features for the humble mouse.

Other manufacturers are also offering enabled keyboard models of this technology, which can be used with any enabled computer of this technology, be it a desktop model or a laptop. In fact, these keyboards can also be used with a handheld computer or with a Bluetooth wireless technology PDA. while you probably don’t want to lug around your keyboard with your PDA, it can be a nice option if you want to quickly add contacts or notes from the home or office where you are using your keyboard.

If you are ready to make the switch to a Bluetooth wireless keyboard and a mouse, then one of the more popular options is the Rocketfish Wireless Multimedia Bluetooth Keyboard and Laser Mouse. this combination package of keyboard and mouse employs mobile wireless technology networking that has been getting very positive reviews from users. one note though, it will only operate with Windows computers and not with any Apple Macintosh personal computers.

Both the Rocketfish enabled keyboard of this technology and the wireless mouse utilize a USB adapter key, which is included in the package. this USB adapter key uses the WIDCOMM version 5.1, which gives the devices a range of up to 60 feet. However, this range might be considered overkill since not much will be readable on your computer screen at a distance of 60 feet, not matter how big the words or how sharp your eyes.

Not only does the USB key drive both the Rocketfish mouse and keyboard, but it also functions as a hub. this hub function allows you to transfer digital files to and from your computer or any other enabled device.

Reviewers have commented that the Rocketfish enabled keyboard of this technology is very thin and is also very stylishly designed and comes with a comfortable wrist pad built right into the unit. The keyboard has 104 keys for all the normal functions, and it also boasts 10 bonus keys.

These are “one-touch” keys that are intended to be used for multimedia access and control. For instance, one of the keys will open up an internet browser, one will get email, and still another will access the help screens. There are also dedicated keys for playing DVDs, with such functions as play, rewind, pause and fast forward, as well as keys for volume and mute.

The Bluetooth wireless keyboard and the mouse are just the first step in eliminating the wires and cords that can be so annoying and cumbersome. In addition to the convenience of working without wires, thanks to today’s mobile wireless technology, there are also some real benefits in ergonomics. with a wireless keyboard and mouse, you will no longer be limited to where you can position your keyboard, but can place it where it is most comfortable and where you are in an ergonomically correct position.

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