MobileFun now ships internationally, offering new products

MobileFun, the leading online retailer for mobile devices and accessories in the United Kingdom, has announced that the company is now shipping to over 50 countries, including the United States, India, Brazil, Canada, Russia and many more.

This news is part of the company’s announcement that they are currently stocking a SIM Free white Samsung Galaxy S II, the latest and most powerful smartphone offered by the Korean electronics giant. Now that they are shipping internationally, more customers will now have the chance to buy one.

MobileFun are also introducing a number of quirky products in their lineup. one of which is an Ear Case for the iPhone 4. the iPhone 4 Ear Case is a smartphone protective case that is shaped like a human ear. this is a great gift for friends because it does not only protect your iPhone, but it also makes a funny gift. the iPhone 4 Ear Case is available for £12.95.

Another product on sale is a full-sized bowling ball for the Kinect. Manufactured by GamigZap, this Xbox peripheral will make bowling games on the Kinect seem more realistic. this lightweight bowling ball comes with a wristband so you won’t accidentally throw it into your TV.

The website is also offering the Wekreat Bento Battery Case for the iPad 2. the Wekreat Bento iPad 2 case is a protective case that has a 6600 mAh battery in it. this product is perfect for those who use their iPad 2 frequently.

MobileFun is also offering a Galaxy S II Extended Battery Case Kit, an official accessory from Samsung that increases your smartphone’s power by 350 mAh to 2000 mAh, so it lasts longer.

For more information about MobileFun’s latest offerings, visit their website.

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