“Hands On” With The T-Mobile Galaxy S II

Our excitement peaked to a point it hasn’t seen in some time for a phone launch with the T-Mobile announcement of the Galaxy S II arriving “this fall” this evening. Unfortunately, as the Samsung press event wore on we were completely let down by the lack of a true “hands on” experience by the T-Mobile folks. while the AT&T and Sprint versions of the Galaxy S II were fondled on camera, the T-Mobile variant was tucked away safely inside a few glass boxes with just one home screen available for pictures.

Even more notable was the lack of hard specs, price, release date and what I would consider most important, the true capabilities of the HSPA+ chip. So while this might have been a hardware problem, a software problem or a combination of both making up one big nightmare for the T-Mobile team we were truly disappointed. whatever and whomever is to blame, the lack of a true hands on tonight was a missed moment for the Magenta folks who could have really used the time to display the ridiculous HSPA+ speeds this device is rumored to put out. Guess we’ll have to start counting down the days to that rumored release date.

In any event, we’ve got a few images and video courtesy of the folks from Thisismynext, Engadget and Phandroid for you to peruse.

Thisismynext; Engadget and Phandroid

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