Mobile Phone Kits – Choose Between a Wired Or a Bluetooth Car Kit

If you do a lot of chatting on the phone while you drive, you should make sure your using a car phone kit. the least you should do is make sure others are safe, even if you don’t care for your own well being. For those who are concerned for the health and well being of other road users, there are a lot of options available when buying a car phone kit. With all the different car kits out there, what are the main differences between them and specifically a wired car kit and a Bluetooth kit? Each has distinct advantages and disadvantages which must be considered when choosing which kit to purchase.

Wired car kits require the phone to be placed in a cradle upon entering the car. the cradle charges the phone, and calls are routed automatically through the device, and if the device is a hardwired connection to the vehicles head-unit, audio can be heard through your car’s speakers. Any actions you want to perform – making, answering, and ending calls, or using menu options – must be done directly from your phone, so it’s essential that the cradle is positioned correctly for comfort and convenience. There are also negatives to having a cradle, the cradle will only match 1 phone or in some cases a specific brand. This means you can’t use more than one phone, rendering the kit useless if you upgrade phones or if family members or work colleagues have different mobile phones.

With a wireless Bluetooth car kit, calls are automatically routed from your phone to a small speaker or through your stereo and car speakers – your phone never has to leave your pocket or purse. the connection is established automatically when you enter your vehicle and start it. Any functions of your phone that you need to use are controlled from the dashboard control unit or via voice command, instead of from your cell phone. Additional benefits of the Bluetooth kits include the extra options available. Including additional inputs including iPod, AUX Mp3 and on some occasions USB.

Essentially, if you’re on the road for long periods of time and are concerned about phone battery life or you prefer to use your phone to control calls instead of learning to use the dashboard control unit, then the wired kit is probably for you. however, if you like the idea of using the dashboard control panel, or the convenience of not having to place your phone in the cradle when you get in the car, or you like additional music then the wireless kit is a better option.

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