KA08 Accessories – Extras For This Mini Colorful iPhone Clone Are Easy to Find and Cheap to Buy

There’s no question that the tiny, mini iPhone clones are becoming very popular.  not only does the smaller, sleeker size have people excited, but the new availability of colors that we’ve never seen before (lime green, pastel blue or pink, etc.) add to the excitement.  Sure, we’ve had red, white, and gold available before (and these colors are still available on the KA08), but it’s rare to see a robin egg’s blue on a clone.

Still, I sometimes have people who email me and ask about the availability for decent accessories on this phone.  People are concerned that they will have a hard time getting spare parts, batteries, skins, etc. or will have to seek these things overseas.  and, if this is going to be a hassle, then the life span of the phone is not going to be as good as they hoped. 

The KA08 mini is like all popular clones.  once the sellers see that a phone has become widely accepted, they waste no time putting up accessories for it.  this one is no exception. Although we’re still on the front end of the release, there are already lots of extras available for it from all parts of the world (not just China.)  below, I’ll go over the cost, availability, and detail of some of the more popular accessories.

Set up Instructions: (WAP, Internet, MMS, and Data Settings):  these phones are pretty intuitive for making calls and text messages.  Basically, you can insert any activated GSM sim and you’re off to the races in terms of making calls and texts.  and, if you have a nice seller, many will find out which carrier you are using and will set up the Internet for you. But, if this doesn’t happen for whatever reason, there are many places where you can get the settings or the set up that you need for networks like AT&T, T Mobile, Rogers, and Cingular.  Some even now sell this in software form so that the work is pretty much done for you. these run around $5.

Internet or Data Sim Cards:  if you already have a plan or carrier that you are happy with and Internet is included, you’re already all set.  But, some people really want to use these as pre paid phones or pay as you go phones.  They don’t want to be tied to a monthly contract.  But, often the per KB fees for the prepaid talk cards are pretty high.  if you’re only going to use the net once in a great while, this is still very cost effective.  But, if you are a heavier user, the prepaid unlimited cards can really save some money.  They’re often about $20 and allow you data and sometimes even talk and text, in an unlimited amount before expiration.  however, they expire after a month, when you’ll need to buy a new one if you wish.  Still, these keeps you from a contract or high KB charges and you can only get one when you know you’re going to need it.

Chargers (Home and Car) or USB Cords:  these CECT phones all have universal chargers. Basically, they are a USB cord that you can insert into your computer to charge the phone or to transfer data. or, you can attach an applicable car charger or outlet plug on the end of the cord to use it that way.  these will usually come as part of a bundle that runs under $10.

Batteries: One cool thing about the knock offs is that you’re free to change your own battery.  you don’t have to pay someone to do this for you. these replacement batteries often come in packs of two and run around $10 -$12.

Bluetooth or Stereo Headsets / Earphones:  this mini supports Bluetooth so you may opt for a head or ear set.  and, it also supports headphones to listen to the FM radio and MP3 / MP4 player.  The speakers are very loud on this phone (even turned down), so I do suggest headphones if you’re going to be using the SMS voice feature a lot.

Memory: this phone can accommodate up to 8GB or memory.  An SD card with this upgrade will generally be about $10 -$15.

Protective Screen Shields: if I hear one complaint about these touch screen phones it’s that all the finger dragging creates smudges. these dirt cheap clear guards alleviate that. They run around $2, but if you like the feel of your finger against the glass you can also get little wipes that are made to wipe the smudges off these phones.

Cases / Skins:  Cases, pouches and skins are very popular accessories for most clones, but I don’t see as much interest with this one, probably because people don’t want to cover up the cool colors.  In this case, you can just opt for a clear skin that lets the color come through.

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