Is the Otterbox Defender For the iPhone Really Worth It?

If you have recently purchased an iPhone, the most important thing you can do is to protect your investment. To best protect your investment you will want to purchase an OtterBox Defender Series for iPhone 3G/3GS. The main reason that you want to go with the OtterBox Defender is that OtterBox makes only high quality and high-grade cases for your iPhone needs.

The Otterbox line for the iPhone is capable of protecting your iPhone from any kind of damage, even from falling down the stairs or from dropping on the sidewalk. of course, it isn’t recommended that you go out and try to damage your phone to test the durability of the OtterBox Defender case, but you can rest assured if something does happen.

To begin protecting your phone the OtterBox Defender case has four different parts that convert into three layers. The first layer consumes the first two parts, which is a hard plastic shell around the front and back of the phone. The second layer is a thick layer of silicone that wraps around the hard plastic shell to provide your phone with even more protection. The final layer is plastic layer that acts as a belt clip while protecting your phone. To protect the screen, camera port, and the Apple Logo a thin sheet of plastic is used. This leaves your headphone port, volume buttons, and the sleep/wake ringer switch, which are protected with rubber caps.

With all of this protection, people often wonder if they are going to be able to use their iPhone as easily as they can without the Defender case. The usability of the iPhone with the OtterBox Defender case is great, but the case must be put together correctly, which can be quite a long process. The OtterBox Defender case has a variety of snaps and buttons that must be aligned perfectly in order for it to function properly, and the silicone wrap will have to be adjusted until it fits just right. once the OtterBox Defender case is in place, you can use your iPhone with ease. there is no difference in the sensitivity of the touch screen; playing games and surfing the internet is the same as before. You can also access all of the ports, buttons, and features without having to take the case off.

With superior protection and total access to all functions, the Defender Series is quickly becoming the bestselling case for the iPhone.

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