iPhone 4 Success After Basic Flaws

In current days when the technology is changing dynamically every new launching product has some critics and some praises. Same is the case with iPhone 4G.Though its users found some problems in it yet it seems to be the best phone of the current smart phone era.

Basic Flaws in iPhone 4 and Remedies:

There are many iPhone users and fans spread all over the globe who really praises the phone for the awesome quality and undeniable technology it brings to them. while on the other hand some found it kind of problematic. they stated that they are facing quality issues and signal problems in the phone.

Basic flaws and issues experienced by users of iPhone include:

  1. Antenna and signal Issues
  2. Inconvenient Grip issues
  3. Rear camera stopped working
  4. Rear camera white balance doesn’t work properly
  5. Yellow discoloration
  6. Glass easily scratches or breaks

Remedy # 1 –According to experts the antenna and signal problem arises majorly due to phone handling. It is because users sometimes grip the phone from the antenna side and that’s hinders the phone to catch signals and give clear voice quality in calls. Here’s what Apple has to say about this problem and a suggested solution by Apple:

“Gripping any phone will result in some attenuation of its antenna performance with certain places being worse than others depending on the placement of the antennas. This is a fact of life for every wireless phone. If at any time you experience this problem on your iPhone 4 then you may resolve it by avoiding gripping the phone from the lower left corner in such a way that covers both sides of the black strip in the metal band, or simply use any available case to avoid this.”(1*)

So by this statement of Apple it is quite clear that there’s no problem in the iPhone antenna the basic problem is in the phone handling. This gives arise to another perception that other critics and issues faced by the users aroused due to miss use of phone or it might be possible that iPhone is being criticized by people because they want to lower the phone’s status.

Remedy # 2 –To resolve this grip issue all you have to do is to purchase a $30 bumper case. You can also change the way of how you handle the phone to resolve this matter but if you can’t do that either then buying a new case is the only escape left.

Remedy # 3 –If you ever face this problem then don’t reboot or restore your phone, instead just get an appointment from an iPhone official to help you fix this problem.

Remedy # 4 – Support calls to Apple have all gone unanswered! This issue is most likely to be resolved in the future firmware up gradation or they might somehow improve this.

Remedy # 5 – Reports stated that Organofunctional Silane Z-6011was used as a bonding agent in the screen and it was left uncured in the haste of launching the phone. This caused the yellow hue and the only solution is waiting a few days! for some dudes, this has apparently cleared it up a bit.

Remedy # 6 –Why iPhone is so sensitive? It is not! just cover it up folks! Use some skin cases or other iPhone covers to give it a soft cushion that will avoid damages to it.

After all these issues, the question is still there that whether iPhone be a successful hit after all these issues or not? iPhone is becoming popular with each passing day. and who consider such mere flaws? we all just want fun, style and design and that’s what iPhone 4 gives us and that’s why we all love it. It is becoming the need of every single person with each passing day. The answer to the above question is simple that even after these small issues iPhone 4 has proved to be the most successful and elegant phone in the current world. With more than 75% satisfied iPhone users all across borders, this amazing new smart phone has won the hearts of people with its eye catching technology and awesome tempting design which includes Apple accessories too.

Reference (1*) – http://news.cnet.com/8301-31021_3-20008799-260.html

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